2447 26th Avenue

A half-block from Taraval, one of the three commercial corridors identified for investment and development in the Sunset District Blueprint, the single-family home at 2447 26th Avenue has some decent bones with which to work.

2447 26th Avenue Dining and Living

And there’s plenty of room(s) for improvement.

2447 26th Avenue Kitchen

Listed with two bedrooms, one bath and 910 square feet of legal living space (not including the “unwarranted” bath and unmentioned kitchen on the ground floor), the Parkside home is on the market for $595,000.

5 thoughts on “Drawing On The Sunset District Blueprint”
  1. Clearly a lot of work that needs to be done, but the plaster and woodwork speaks to the age of the house in a good way. The front was obviously already modernized at some time in the past.

  2. Unique floorplan and living room that suggests this is not a typical development house. Bet some history in the house. Still, 900 sq ft SFH with big yard 1/2 block from MUNI? Not going to last in current configuration. Wonder if it could be changed to R2?

  3. Not the greatest interior décor or exterior décor. I would of thought of smaller version of those big suburbia homes in the Bay Area, like in Danville, San Jose and Milpitas.

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