2155 Webster Rendering

Developer Trumark Urban’s detailed plans and renderings for converting the former University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry building at 2155 Webster Street into a 66-unit condo building will be presented to San Francisco’s Planning Commission this week.

2155 Webster Rendering

As proposed and slated for approval, two floors would be added atop the existing 8-story building in Pacific Heights. And in addition to the 66 condos, the development which is being designed by Handel Architects includes the construction of 10 new townhomes on the building’s adjacent parking lot.

2155 Webster Rendering Townhomes

The existing parking garage below the building would provide 98 parking spaces for the 76 units, including one space dedicated for car share.  And as the building would appear from Fillmore Street:

2155 Webster Rendering: View from Fillmore Street

15 thoughts on “Rendering Reveal: From Classrooms To Condos In Pacific Heights”
  1. Good location for it.

    Loving the maps feature of the new (not so new now, I guess…) SocketSite.

  2. Will all the small medical/dental offices in that area just slowly close up? Is there a plan for converting them (back) to residential?

    1. That parking garage is preexisting. I assume that the parking will be unbundled from the units and sold separately.

  3. Like the building, townhouses seem a little safe — wonky squaw valley meets derivative vic thing next door. 5 bonus floors on top of main building for effort (no views to block).

    Staid neighborhood needs some new housing options. More please.

    1. In addition to the four townhouses fronting Sacramento, there would be three mid-block and another three fronting Clay (the parking lot runs the width of the block).

    2. It looks like the existing parking lot spans the width of the block from Sacramento to Clay. Perhaps they are going to have some facing Clay.

  4. So if they are proposing those town homes, does that mean the liquor store building on the corner lot is safe? I think that is the “source” for the Pac Heights alcohol/wine purchases….?

  5. I am not sure that the townhouses are the best of all possible designs and if that is wood on the south facing facades (it looks like it in the rendering) that material selection seems like a specification error.

  6. Not all that impressed. The triangular windows in the main building and plain triangular townhouses is an old, tired, been there, done that, look. Reminds me on something done in the 70s that was trying too hard to look “modern”. This neighborhood is more subtle and this building goes out of it’s way to try to stand out. Sometimes less is more. I hope the finished product proves me wrong.

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