765 Market #27B Bedroom

Listed for $1,695,000 in early 2009, it sold for $950,000 that December.  And three years later, the 1,004-square-foot one-bedroom #27B within the San Francisco Four Seasons on Market Street returned to the market listed for $1,490,000 but was withdrawn from the MLS early last year without a reported sale.

765 Market #27B Living

Today, 765 Market Street #27B is back on the market and listed for $1,650,000 with monthly HOA dues of $1,864 per month. And at $1,643 per square foot, it’s the priciest one-bedroom condo currently listed for sale in San Francisco.

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by bongo bong

    Love the floors in the living room but the ceilings are too low and HOA is too high. If you want that hotel feel why don’t you just book a room for a few nights and save the $1.65m – $1500 for something else?

    • Posted by soccermom

      There’s a decent chance it’s because the business you run in your home company is a little shady and you want to park your cash someplace safe in an asset that you can control. You want your son/daughter to go to Stanford and become an internet bazillionaire and this could be a place for him/her/you to stay while you visit or apply. It’s blue chip, it’s in a growing market and you are more concerned with keeping your money safe than with an HOA fee. It’s not a company that will go bust. You can buy it through some LLC that will obscure your identity for your home country’s journalists and taxation specialists. It’s cheap compared to London or Hong Kong or Manhattan.

  2. Posted by ejay

    Wow…basic as basic can be…no recessed lighting…the bathroom finishes are cheap at best and 70s at worst with the sliding glass shower door…and the staging (or lack thereof)…wow.

  3. Posted by sausalito_res

    Front door enters directly into the living room (and the aforementioned low ceilings). Sweet!

    • Posted by Brian M

      and with no visible natural light, either!

  4. Posted by redseca2

    I understand the financial reasons for parking your money in something like this, but it still amazes me that this is essentially my first off campus apartment in Eugene, Oregon that I rented for $175.00 a month in the 1970’s.
    Granted, my view was of a parking lot and my floor was ’70’s shag carpet, but you could build out this interior for $100K.

  5. Posted by jamesjr

    You’ve got to be kidding. You can find far better within a few blocks in almost any direction for half the price.
    Only someone totally unfamiliar with SF real estate would fall for this one.

  6. Posted by eddy

    Let’s also assume you’re apartment wasn’t affiliated with one of the premiere hotel and luxury brands in the world and wasn’t in the heart of one of the fastest growing cities in the world. This apartment is small but the buyer looking into the Four Seasons will pretty much be looking at a pied-à-terre situation and not a primary residence and size will not be the driving factor. I’m surprised that the 1bds in that building aren’t scooped up by adjacent 2 or 3 bd condos and merged. I do think the price is a little hard to justify but this isn’t a typical condo. I’d say the $995/psf in 2009 was a good buy.

  7. Posted by bongo bong

    The only thing missing is a laminated poster of the escape route glued to the back of the front door.

    Hotel affiliated schemes are for people with more money than brains which is a bigger market segment than I thought.

  8. Posted by metroliner

    For less money you could LIVE in the hotel below for over seven years.

  9. Posted by SFASR

    Maybe they added a $1 in front of the REAL price of $650,000… that’s about what 1bd/1ba condos in mission bay or SOMA go for (at the lower end).

  10. Posted by Neal

    Wow…very generic.

  11. Posted by unlivable city

    That staging is targeted at a very specific market.

  12. Posted by P&M

    To the interested buyer, I have some very exclusive tap water which I can sell you at a special VIP price.

  13. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    The HOA fee for the full-time Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square residence that recently went up for sale with a $2.2 million asking (fully furnished, 1,300 ft.² two bed, two bath for about $1,700 per ft.²) is $8,608 quarterly, or more than 50% higher than this one-bedroom.

    The buyer of this place will be getting a relative bargain.

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