100 Van Ness Tagged

While quickly obscured, the top five floors of the 400-foot building that’s nearly finished being re-skinned at 100 Van Ness were tagged, as captured above by a tipster.

No word on exactly how the tagging took place, but if you happen to notice an inordinate amount of light blue paint on the hands of somebody at the climbing gym, do let us know.

22 thoughts on “Graffiti Hits New Heights and Low in San Francisco”
    1. Great to know you feel that way. Oh and please list your home address as I want to visit your place at 3am to share the “art”.

    1. It has to be from the inside. I can’t imagine someone rappelling down the building and being able to draw straight lines, rounds. You need a bit of setback to do that. Plus where do you place your feet while painting the glass if you have to push yourself 3 feet away. Inside it is.

      1. Bjork’s boyfriend disagrees. Here he is suspended from the SFMOMA catwalk sketching on the wall.

        There was a similar graffiti bomb sprayed onto the top floor of Berlin Alexanderplatz’s Parchotel while it was under construction. It said essentially “Intercourse former president George W. Bush” except expressing it with just 8 letters. That was definitely sprayed from the outside though they may have leaned over the top and used an extension pole instead of rappelling over the edge.

  1. Impressive. Looks like it could be on the inside, but it is hard to tell from the picture. — As far as this building renovation goes, the re-skinning is a distinct improvement at that location.

    1. Agreed.

      Obviously none of those commenting here that say this is commendable live in an area of the city which deals with tagging each and every day, and for which property owners or residents continually have to take care of the problem. Tagging the brick buildings in west SOMA is applauded? What exactly are the taggers expressing other than their desire to raise their leg like a dog on a tree?

  2. I thought this building needed structural work to make it more earthquake resistant. Did they do any of this work or just the reskinning?

    1. ELMS. Im just saying these developers got money, I would be impressed if I was the building owner. I be like damn he got me, what a feat. Now they got to pay crews extra time to fix, in turn offering more work and feeding further into the economy, while also offering a break from the normal and a cool display of art. Anyone who hates just needs to YOLO out a lil bit more and realize life is beautiful.

      1. @jangojackson:

        You will NEVER be a building owner, not will you likely ever amount to anything significant in life, which is why you are “impressed” when people mess up other people’s property.

        And guess what, NO ONE outside of your tiny little circle of vandals is impressed, the vast majority of us see this pathetic scribble and only think “loser”.

        I’m “just saying…”

        1. i agree. vandalism is not impressive. imagine a kid taking another kid’s drawing in kindergarten and tearing it apart. not fun. not a statement, other than being mean. and the mention of YOLO? people who believe in that often (not always) have little direction in life and nothing left but pursuing as many simple pleasures as possible. that’s a content, but not a happy life. no wonder they would like tagging.

        2. you couldn’t be more right, we are losers. we don’t WANT to own buildings, we like to plague society with our names, it’s fun. trust me, why else would we risk so much to do it?

  3. Graffiti is vandalism – plain and simple – I don’t care how artsy or beautiful it is – And yes – I love art – And as a property owner – I hate vandalism in all of it’s forms…I lived in Amsterdam for a decade where occupying buildings in protest of social change was tolerated as free speech …until a few (small) property owners reminded the city and national government of their rights to their property and denied paying taxes due to the lack of enforcement of laws….

    If this scribbler is caught – I say hang him/her from that crane and make them clean it up……

  4. inside of the building? i think if it were on the inside they wouldn’t of draped something to cover it on the outside of the building. the artist most definitely repelled down the building. Don’t like it? doesnt matter. Whoever did this had the most exhilarating time of their lives.

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