The plans to raze Café Cocomo at 650 Indiana and construct two distinct five-story buildings with a total of 111 new apartments on the Dogpatch block between 18th and 19th Streets have been refined, are ready to be approved, and will be presented to San Francisco’s Planning Commission in two weeks. Click the new renderings to enlarge.

An underground garage will provide parking for 79 cars and 103 bikes and the mid-block alley between the buildings which was to be a driveway is now a landscaped space. The new entrance to the garage is behind the “660” in the rendering above.

At the southern end of the development, the dead end spur of 19th Street would become a 8,200 square foot public space connected to retail, a proposed “Decompression Plaza”:

The green building (680 Indiana) was designed by Pfau-Long Architecture. The patina metal building with the white tower (660 Indiana) was designed by Kennerly Architecture & Planning.

16 thoughts on “Dogpatch Development Refined, Ready To Be Approved”
  1. I see a rooftop deck… that overlooks the 280. I can’t imagine ever being able to enjoy the outdoor spaces here.
    That and I hope they have great insulation otherwise residents will be hearing the road noise.

  2. Oh no, where will Beta Males who think Salsa is the “secret” way to meet women go to now? Back into the 2001 time machine?!

  3. @Serge – Don’t you remember, they’re going to tear down 280 and create an urban utopia. Of course that’ll really bring out the NIMBYs when they want to destroy the “park” so they can re-connect 19th Street…

  4. Horribly inadequate amount of parking. As for the proposed 280 teardown, it’s only the stretch north of 16th. If they want Dogpatch to develop further as a residential neighborhood (which it should) they need to put a sound/smog barrier on that freeway between Cesar Chavez and Mariposa.

  5. Building only 5 stories this far away from existing fully residential neighborhoods and any legitimate historical objections is a crime against the entire Bay Area housing market. This area down to Candlestick should be San Francisco’s Vancouver, towers with view corridors and 50,000 units, ideally majority rentals.

  6. Agree more parking would be good, but overrall this will be a good addition to the neighborhood. Cafe cocomo was a drug den and led to many late night police calls and at least 1 murder. That part of freeway will remain and I suspect none of 280 will disappear before 2024, if ever. I would enjoy that rough deck but someone I’m sure of willing to pay with our housing shortage. The port side has a similar road just next to windows

  7. @d-b You can walk 3 blocks and catch the 3rd street rail to Safeway at Townsend/4th. It’s a quick trip. Or if you’d like to spend more money you can walk two blocks and catch the 22 over to Whole Foods in PoHill. Pretty quick trip too with only a few blocks of walking. Dog Patch is pretty convenient if you don’t have a car. Caltrain is only a few blocks away too for longer trips south.
    Can’t get any closer to the 280 though. Not sure how that works for the units in the back. For the units facing the park I think it won’t be that bad. I’ve been in that area on foot a bunch and I’ve never noticed it to be very severe. You definitely hear it but it doesn’t distract you. Or at least it didn’t distract me.

  8. San Francisco is fast becoming an inelegant expression of Jean Paul Sartre’s famous phrase: “The definition of hell is other people.”
    San Francisco get ready, because Jean Paul’s warning is about to rain down on you in the form of rich developers flooding our city with a gazzillion little ticky tacky boxes. Tiny boxes. Little boxes all the same.
    And we will be tripping over each other for the rest of time.

  9. @Little_Boxes Wouldn’t you be a lot happier in a nice, quiet place that doesn’t get a lot of attention from developers or anyone else for that matter… Some place like Eureka? I hear that the pace of life is much slower there. It’s where I plan to go when I retire.

  10. Kewl. The better dogpatch becomes, the more that influence will rub off on its southern brethren – Bayview.

  11. over ten years in SF I’ve lived in many different parts. right now i’m in bernal about a couple of blocks from the 101/280 interchange and to be honest, freeway noise is not so bad. much worse living off mission st or in the TL with constant sirens going off. people live on oak/fell, pine/bush which are essentially freeways anyway.

  12. S: You are right, people that live on Oak/Fell and Pine/Bush do live on a quasi-highway. There are stunning Victorian and Italianate properties on those streets. I would not turn them down solely on the basis of road noise.

  13. Living close to the freeway is as much about dirt as it is about noise. I lived on Potrero Hill above SF General, and I was constantly cleaning.

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