The previously rundown Victorian at 290 Collingwood was purchased for $978,000 in June of 2012 and has since been rebuilt with an all-new lower level, three bedrooms on the top-floor and an open, “modern layout” in-between:

Listed with 1,311 square feet in 2012, the rebuilt home is now back on the market and listed with four bedrooms and 2,848 square feet “atop Dolores Heights” for $2,699,000.
∙ Listing: 290 Collingwood (4/3.5) 2,848 sqft – $2,699,000 [290collingwood.com]

19 thoughts on “Rebuilt With A Modern Layout Atop “Dolores Heights””
  1. Would we call Collingwood between 19th and 20th Dolores Heights?It’s on a different hill than 20th and Sanchez (which is definitely Dolores Heights.) — Maybe it’s the Castro or Eureka Valley?

  2. That’s the Castro. Or “Eureka Valley” in realtor-speak because apparently buyers think the Castro only means one thing. If Dolores Heights is a real place, it’s to the east of the 20th St summit, sloping down to Dolores Park. It’s still called Liberty Hill, but that’s not as trendy as Dolores-Something.

  3. I like this house, finishes ( seen a lot of this before though ) and it’s open floor plan which works for me personally as I don’t like choppy blocked spaces all divided.
    There are a couple of inherent flaws however. The 3 bedrooms on the upper level are tiny, including the master. The downstairs family/media room could be a huge master suite as it has a bath and lots of room for any change out so that could be another option.
    As the house is lower than the homes behind, the back of the main level does leave it open for viewing from the upside neighbors which is not the ideal.
    Interesting to watch the sale of this home to see how strongly we move into the 2014 R.E. season.

  4. Every time I see something like this, it reminds me of a stage set. I have trouble understanding people who don’t want to live inside a Victorian home, but are happy to live behind one.

  5. Almost anything will sell in this near desparate SFH market with little supply. including this.
    This house and the garden are almost permanantly in the shade of the taller building it touches on the left side. It is a big down factor of its location and site-ing. It also has pinched views typical of many next-to-corner SF locations.

  6. “Rebuilt With A Modern Layout”? So that’s what realtors are calling viciously-bastardized houses these days.

  7. ^ exactly who does follow this blog and for what seems like 99% negative posts all day long…are you in real estate, are you in building, developing…why are you here? If open and expanded homes aren’t your thing, thats great but that is the trend at the moment and it fits most peoples lifestyle. I actually made an offer on this place back two years ago when it was a small 1300 sq ft, chopped up weird mess with a shot foundation. While I don’t love everything they did here (feel like they should have done some sort of bridge/catwalk to the rear yard maybe, and the upper level bedrooms are small would have just done 3 up and one big master on the bottom), they most certainly improved the place dramatically, and especially considering the upsloped small lot they were dealing with. I think the price is pretty much on point and considering a 1m buy in, carrying, fighting with neighbors on a 311, other permit fees, tons of excavating and structural upgrades, 2.7 doesn’t seem that nuts for Eureka Valley.

  8. Re : “viciously bastardized” — how about buy the place yourself then, dude? One — oh so wonderful, infinitely appealing, Victorian interior space — at a time! Hahahhah. Good grief.

  9. I will never understand the negative comments on this site. I think it is a very well done house. If a buyer can overlook the small bedrooms with the amount of entertaining space, they will be one lucky owner. Love the back patio area, very nice light feature. At least the front still remains in character, beautiful fresh color. Perfect house for those who can appreciate old style with modern day living finishes and great entertaining space.

  10. I believe the negative comments are usually earned, at least 50% of the time. The house has certainly been saved from its prior state, judging from the comments above. Given the location, a large entertaining space makes sense. I personally find two living spaces at opposite ends of the same open space to be inefficient (with another in the basement).

  11. “Dolores heights” ? are you kidding? This has to be the most blatant stretch of a neighborhood boundary to appeal to the GOOGLE buyer. The fact that Castro is NOT an MLS designation is bordering on homophobic… “Little Hollywood” has it’s own MLS tag for God’s sake… and that is “RECOLOGY Heights”

  12. I too don’t understand the preponderance of negative/snarky comments on this site (though admittedly not as bad as those on SFGate). The posts are almost always informative and enjoyable to read, but I find myself wincing at many of the comments. I guess it’s easier to be a critic than to have to deal with the avalanche of city and neighborhood opposition to change in any form. At the same time, our fair city is starved for housing units, which is causing prices to skyrocket and affordability to plummet…

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