Another set of renderings of the redesigned Post Street façade for Apple’s proposed flagship store on Union Square which now features two full-height sliding glass doors, each measuring 23 feet wide and 44.5 feet tall, allowing the store to be opened to the street:

Note the regular sized all-glass doors in the non-sliding bays (click to enlarge) which would act as the primary access points for the store when the full-height doors are closed. There are two sets of doors from the redesigned plaza behind the store as well.

11 thoughts on “Redesigned Apple Store Renderings Redux”
  1. I wonder if they’ll rethink this in light of the bill for replacing a pane of glass in their NYC shrine, reported at $450,000 (which I have trouble believing, but I’m sure it’s a lot of money, regardless).

  2. Speaking of shrines, this is way too shrine-like for a commercial establishment that sells electronic gadgets, one of the most tumultuous and quickly changing markets extant. Ditto for their proposed donut-quarters. Save the shrines for major, predictable needs like crossing bodies of water.
    They should also sell phones at a little kiosk nearby for those that are nauseated by shrines to consumption.

  3. djt – I’m nauseated by the levis store currently there and the current “park” configuration – their obliteration is too much good news.
    is the hot dog stand being displaced a shrine to consumption too?

  4. Big glass cube. Slick, but not very creative. I can’t believe they want to erect a 50′ high blank wall along Stockton Street, though. Are they too suburb-oriented to know about basic urban sidewalk standards? (You’d think so after seeing this thing and their proposed giant doughnut on the peninsula) How brain-dead is Apple?

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