First St. John's United Methodist Church at Larkin and Clay (Image Source:

A plugged-in tipster reports that the Nob Hill Neighbors’ appeal to block the development of 1601 Larkin Street was denied by a vote of 4-0 last night, clearing the way for the demolition the dilapidated First St. John’s United Methodist Church at the corner of Larkin and Clay and the construction of a five-floor building with 27 dwelling units on the site.

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  4. Posted by Joseph A

    That is great news , in the long run its a win win for the area , we get the removal of a neglected building , and some quality housing in the area that might prod others to do some minor renovations to their facades

  5. Posted by Bob

    Awesome news and great time to reflect on the hysteria involved with this building in particular. From the days of peskin attempting to landmark the property to the extreme hyperbole put force by the nob hill neighbors (isn’t it basically just one person?)… 14 plus years! A textbook case of SF nimbyism

  6. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Anyone want to guess how much cash “Nob Hill Neighbors” invested in opposing and delaying this project?

  7. Posted by Jimmy (not a Real San Franciscan (TM))

    $20? “And a lot of sweat equity!”

  8. Posted by citicritter

    “Yeah!”, “Good”, “Great news”, “Awesome news”? For more mediocre architecture in SF? Yeah, great news!

  9. Posted by TNT

    Finally. Hey “Nob Hill Neighbors”, if you miss the crack heads, late night shenanigans and constant smell of feces, you can always take a stroll through the Loin.

  10. Posted by patrick

    Sad to see the little craftsman church go, but glad that there will be desperately-needed housing on this corner.

  11. Posted by Mamiel

    I love the smell of NIMBY smackdown in the morning. Smells like…. Victory.

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