The modern 47-unit building under construction at the intersection of Octavia and Market has topped out and 8 Octavia is on track to be ready for occupancy this summer.

8 Octavia Rendering

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sierrajeff

    Yet another architectural rendering that looks nothing like reality – I mean, no backup on northbound Octavia? C’mon.

  2. Posted by OMN

    This one is going to come down entirely to materials used. Still no way to tell if this will look like the rendering.

  3. Posted by Rillion

    Sorry Sierrajeff but if you look at the actual photo you will see the rendering got the traffic right. It almost exactly matches.

  4. Posted by Rob

    I’ve noticed the glass is much less green and a lot darker… Also haven’t noticed any of the ugly glass blades on the facade yet, either.

  5. Posted by Sierrajeff

    Jeez guys, take a joke.
    Besides, given how Octavia is every time I drive it, I stand by my snarkiness.

  6. Posted by moto mayhem

    “Besides, given how Octavia is every time I drive it, I stand by my snarkiness.”
    I agree with you. OCtavia is a disaster and im still in favor of bringing back the central freeway.

  7. Posted by another condo

    has this place started selling? don’t tell me it has already sold out…

  8. Posted by James

    SO far this one is turning out better than the rendering. The contrast of glass and concrete will be very striking, and the overhanging windows on the main Market/Octavia corner is much more engaging than you’d imagine.

  9. Posted by Neighbor

    What about the back? Are there any renderings of the view from the south side of Market between Valencia and Gough? Right now there’s a massive concrete wall flanked by narrow-spaced studs.

  10. Posted by James

    Neighbor, there appears to be a large window in the center third of the back wall. At least, the current construction has a large rectangular hole in the poured concrete that I assume will be filled with glass.

  11. Posted by Developer

    Topped out in Jan, and units ready by summer? Best case end of 2014. You heard it here…

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