Seven months after having closed escrow on the purchase of condo #202 within the new Stanley Saitowitz designed development at 2020 Ellis Street for $599,000, the buyer has returned the 648 square foot one-bedroom to the market listed for $639,000.


While the property on the border of NoPa is “apples-to-apples” in terms of its condition as compared to seven months ago, keep in mind that the CityTarget at Masonic and Geary which is three blocks away has since opened its doors even wider than those between the bedroom and bath.


UPDATE: The re-sale of 2020 Ellis Street #303 has closed escrow with a contract price of $635,000.

22 thoughts on “Targeting Seven Percent More After Seven Months For A Saitowitz”
  1. Stanley Saitowitz should stop trying to design residential buildings.
    Are there any good examples of tasteful, residential executions that anyone can point out? I would love to appreciate their work more.

  2. It seems like he’s pretty successful despite your feelings. There are numerous projects of his throughout the city and they seem to have a following, at least they don’t seem to have a problem selling them.

  3. Re: exterior, the Divisadero side of the building is an undiluted FU to our neighborhood. I like a number of his buildings but really surprised how he turned his back on this section of Divis.

  4. Saitowitz today is a buzz word. In 5 years people will spell the name with “Sh” because of the cold depressing look.

  5. Unless the the seller is expecting to get quite a bit over asking, this doesn’t seem to make much financial sense to me, trading costs will eat up more than the 7% increase in value.
    Maybe they are leaving SF or have some other reason that they have to sell?

  6. Is this a legal bedroom? There is NO WINDOW. The “bedroom” is one corner of the living space, which is the only means of light/ ventilation and egress. That’s why Stanley cant put a door to the “bedroom”. I think listing it as 1/1 on the MLS is not accurate.

  7. I think the fresh air is expected to come from the bathroom, lol.
    A bathroom that has no window.
    Typical “star architect” hubris: design sub-par livable spaces and slap a name on it.

  8. I went and looked at this unit 7 months ago. The pictures actually make it look twice as nice as it actually is (which isn’t saying much). The frosted glass sliding doors on the bathroom are retarded. If you have guests over, be prepared to hear their business.
    Will this really go for $640k? This is such a sh*tty unit…

  9. Impractical design from a poseur architect [Removed by Editor]. The homes at 1050 Baker are way nicer for $100k less, same hood, better views.

  10. And Stanley continues his narrow view of some of the worst interior designs ever.
    He has no concept of “livability”. Somebody needs to teach him the elements of good, at least not horrible bathroom design.
    You have to walk out of the toilet closet onto the bedroom floor and into the shower closet. Stupid.
    Should be considered grounds for questioning his architectural license.

  11. I have lived next to this site for 12 years. Geary to Golden Gate, on Divis, possibly the ugliest three blocks in the City. This building does nothing to change that and possibly makes it worse! A Soviet era Brutalist monstrosity that ignores the desperate need for ground floor retail and a revitalization of a centrally located residential neighborhood. Saitowitz is a bland tired brand who’s aesthetic has become the white bread of planning and architecture types, whose blind hubris matches that of Draper and Sterling after a three martini lunch. “Look guys, it’s got a perforated metallic exterior, genius!” This is what you get when you live in the 21st century version of Tammany Hall! Can’t wait for the Walmartsaitowitzation of Hayes Valley!

  12. It is my fondest hope that Stanley Saitowitz be stricken with severe intestinal distress while attending a party in this apartment. My apologies to the other guests.

  13. And this article from 1999 explains why the building is so ugly and is an insult to the neighborhood??
    Also its a new month, so let me just say I hate this building.

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