While the official opening date for San Francisco’s second CityTarget with 120,000 square feet of household goods, clothing, electronics and groceries in the City Center complex at the corner of Geary and Masonic isn’t until Sunday, October 13, the aisles are stocked, the doors are open, and the cash registers have started to ring.

The City Center CityTarget’s layout and full offerings:

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  1. Posted by anon

    Good stuff, stopped by this morning actually. I’m still quite disappointed that we couldn’t just bulldoze this entire complex, rebuild the street grid, and build replacement commercial plus several thousand new residences, this is better than a vacant building.
    I just hope that Best Buy doesn’t go under soon.

  2. Posted by J

    Does anyone know what the parking situation is like at the new Target? Enough parking to go around?

  3. Posted by anon

    ^There is oodles of parking at the complex, but the lot directly in front of (or behind, depending upon how you look at it) the Target is small and will be full 100% of the time. Up by the Best Buy and to the east, there are oceans of empty spaces, but it requires a walk up several flights of stairs (or an absurdly slow elevator ride), walking across the Best Buy lot, and up or down several more flights of stairs.

  4. Posted by Invented

    Goodbye Best buy, hello Trader Joes? redev TJ site residential — views for ever. Wait, we’ve been through this already.
    Let’s see — Sears, now Target and around we go — without much improvement. 20 yrs later, things are the same. If Target has a better selection than the small offerings @ Metreon, should be a success. For a few yrs.
    Anon at October 9, 2013 10:15 AM — indeed.

  5. Posted by conifer

    Much too much parking. Should be illegal.
    A true violation of the “transit first” psalm.
    Is this location not “transit rich”?

  6. Posted by patrick

    You can’t rebuild the street grid, because it was never there. The building is located on the former site of Calvary Cemetery, which was moved to Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma.

  7. Posted by Denis

    I agree with anon… Woefully underdeveloped site. The whole thing should’ve been bulldozed and filled with tall residential towers, shopping arcades, offices and well-integrated outdoor space. And it’s right along a major transit corridor for our future Geary light-rail or subway that will never happen. The residential towers would have 360 degree views of the Pacific, the Golden Gate, downtown and inner bay. Hello China? Your fake billions would’ve been much appreciated.

  8. Posted by lyqwyd

    I could be wrong, but I believe the parking on the Northeast side (along Geary), which used to be for the Office Depot, will also be available and have direct access into Target. This parking lot is much bigger than the obvious one along Masonic. It’s yet to be seen if people will be aware of that lot and use it fully. It will be a bit of a walk from the most distant point of that lot.

  9. Posted by lyqwyd

    Yes, I also agree anon’s suggestion would have been far better, but also agree that Target is way better than vacant for years.
    Here’s to hoping that in a few decades it will be properly developed!

  10. Posted by End of Days

    its open…and the world as we know it has not ended yet. Imagine that.

  11. Posted by Yellap

    Stopped by this a.m. It looks good. I was on bus but there seems to be plenty of parking. Old entrance to Office Depot is not open for public, lygwyd. Appears to be an employee entrance. If one parks in that lot you must walk up Geary towards Masonic to get inside. Not too bad really. There are entrances upstairs, off the Masonic lot on first floor, and off Masonic near corner. There is also an entrance on Geary between the bus stop and Masonic, I am pretty sure. They have a nice grocery department. I might not shop there regularly but they are open until ten p.m. which provides a lot of convenience for suddenly needed items.

  12. Posted by J

    Good to hear about the parking. That’s a rarity…
    I agree about the development potential of that site, but can you imagine how long it would take to make that happen? We’re talking 10 years. I’ll take the City Target now vs potential development 10 years down the line.
    I’m wondering how this is going to affect traffic along Masonic and Geary. The southbound traffic on Masonic is already bad because of the Trader Joe’s. The far right lane is constantly blocked by TJ’s parking lot traffic.

  13. Posted by Futurist

    Great news and a welcome addition to the retail market here in SF.
    Parking is appropriate and it will be used.
    Oh, did I mention I am GLAD about the parking?

  14. Posted by Invented

    “Oh, did I mention I am GLAD about the parking?”
    Plenty of room for your SUV. We know, we know.
    Almost as convenient as PS.

  15. Posted by Patrick

    I would say that the effect on traffic along Masonic and Geary would be nominal, since this is not a new development, it’s a replacement for stores (Sears, and then Mervyn’s)which went out of business. I’m more worried about the Masonic street redesign:

  16. Posted by anon

    @J – I definitely hear you on not wanting to wait ten years for a redevelopment, and I’m happy about the CityTarget.
    On the other hand, since it’s here now (and will no doubt be wildly successful), that basically guarantees that this whole complex will not be redeveloped in my lifetime (I’m 34), which is a tad disappointing. It also means that even little tweaks, say tearing down a portion of the complex and rebuilding there and on some of the parking, is unlikely to happen, as it would negatively impact Target during that construction and/or lead to a loss of parking. Once you give people a Target and parking it’s nearly impossible to alter it in any way, even if it was only short term.

  17. Posted by Futurist

    @ Invented: why make it personal? what is your point?
    Contributes nothing to the conversation.
    I wish editor would flag your comment.

  18. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    As for a missed chance for redevelopment, perhaps for this incarnation of the site. But it certainly doesn’t rule out future redevlopment. The structures on this site aren’t so valuable (in dollars, heritage, or however you want to measure value) that would preclude demolition.
    The chance for redevelopment isn’t so much missed as it is delayed.

  19. Posted by $AN FRANCI$CO

    The only other town I ever lived in that had so many people talking about the new target was a very small town. Small and small minded and all in need of al anon.

  20. Posted by Barb Chavez

    @conifer says:

    Much too much parking. Should be illegal.

    You expect shoppers to carry comforters, 40 inch televisions and other large items on their lap on the Muni?!!

  21. Posted by John Doe


    there are oceans of empty spaces, but it requires a walk up several flights of stairs

    Ha ha! I am sure most of the morbidly obese Americans — my fellow citizens and dwellers should I add — can do with the walk up the 62 steps (yes I counted today when I went for the soft launch) to the lower floor, that is, if they are too dumb to get in from the top floor parking into the Target — there are 2 floors.

  22. Posted by anon

    ^I was talking about the parking on the other side of Best Buy, above the second floor of Target, and then beyond.

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