Removing the approved redevelopments of Candlestick/Hunters Point, Treasure Island, and Park Merced from the ranking, three long-term projects which represent nearly 24,000 of the 48,000 housing units in San Francisco’s current development pipeline, the top ten areas being targeted for the near-term development of new housing in San Francisco are:

10. The Mission (930 new units)
9. South Central (1,210 units)
8. Western Addition (1,240 units)
7. Transbay (1,340 units)
6. East SoMa (1,480 units)
5. Mission Bay* (2,088 units)
4. Rincon Hill (2,370 units)
3. Market/Octavia (2,410 units)
2. Showplace Square/Potrero Hill (2,950 units)
And with nearly 4,000 units either under construction, approved, or proposed to be built, the number one area for new housing development in San Francisco is “Downtown” which includes Mid-Market and the Tenderloin.
*UPDATE: While the Planning Department includes the Giants’ proposed Mission Rock Development as part of “South of Market, Other,” we’ve moved it to Mission Bay and updated the table and map above.
The 48,000 San Francisco Units In The Works By Neighborhood [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    Mission Bay not even on the list? Is it all built out?
    [Editor’s Note: That’s a great question and catch. While the Planning Department includes the Giants Mission Rock development as within “South of Market, Other” we’ve shifted it to Mission Bay for a total of 2,088 potential new units in the area and updated the ranking and map above.]

  2. Posted by alh

    Potrero Hill is second only to Downtown with more units than Central SOMA, Rincon Hill or Market/Octavia. What’s up with that?

  3. Posted by Jake

    Most of the units assigned to Showplace/Potero (1651 of the 2950) are in two projects:
    – 557 units at 801 Brannan St, a David Baker project to replace the Concourse Exhibition Hall
    – 1,094 units at 1 Turner Terrace, which I think is a replacement of the existing public housing

  4. Posted by Zig

    What school do the ninos go to in Mission Bay/Dogpath? I am sure it is not promising for a middle class person

  5. Posted by SF Developer

    The map is interesting as it is more a testament about feasibility rather than desirability. If it were feasible to develop in the Mission, it would definitely replace midmarket as #1.

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