The Strand Theater

With permits in place, ACT’s renovation of the old Strand Theater at 1127 Market Street is slated to get started this September, re-opening in January 2015.


And as we first reported last week, MacFarlane Partners is moving forward with plans for a 12-story building with 150 apartments on the vacant lot next door.

11 thoughts on “Strand Renovation Set For September Start, Reopening In 2015”
  1. I remember seeing the John Water’s “classic” Pink Flamingos there at a mid-night showing decades ago. Well, OK, MANY Decades! Wonderful news to see the theater saved.

  2. @Cade – I remember going to a John Waters ‘retrospective’ (Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living,Multiple Maniacs,Female Trouble) and John Waters in person! Back when the floors were still sticky….

  3. I’m really pleased with the renovation, and increased use of this building that has sat empty and unused for far too long.
    I don’t prefer the old building because it is boarded up and covered in flyers and graffiti. How can anybody really say they prefer the old building?
    Not to mention that crappy red paint splashed all over the entire front and windows.

  4. Totally great adaptive reuse of a derelict building.
    The renovation completely respects the existing architectural details and opens up the front façade to make the entry engaging and inviting.
    Congrats to ACT. Great work for Market St.

  5. This is great, only wish somebody would also invest in reviving the beautifully neglected Alcazar Theater on Geary.

  6. I confess to a smokey, druggy, all night party on that top floor, sometime early 1980’s.
    When a causual woman friend with many dogs could rent the whole floor for a fraction of the average rent for a studio apartment today.
    Back then if you wanted to rent a studio, you could rent a real STUDIO.

  7. Stop this project now. Isn’t it about time we set up a strip club/titty bar preservation district. A great portion of our history is being destroyed by this project.

  8. I believe I have read–and the rendering seems to show–that the crummy red paint will be preserved. I sure hope not. I’m not sure what the original facade looked like, but I’m sure the red splash must have been a cheap effort to cover over peeling paint of an earlier time and it needs to go in favor of something much closer to the original, whatever that was (I’m envisioning contrasting colors like several older other buildings are getting along Market St).

  9. @etslee, I would add the now vacant Market Street Cinema to that list, after a saging of course. Another potential spot for more performance space in the City.

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