2290 Third Street Site

As proposed, the little building and parking lot at the corner of Third and 20th streets will be razed to make way for a modern Dogpatch building designed by Kennerly Architecture.


While the original proposal for the site envisioned a 7-story building with 52 dwelling units over 17,000 square feet of commercial space that would function as a large commissary with smaller sublet areas for local food providers, that proposal has been abandoned.

The development as now designed and proposed will rise six stories with 71 residential units over 1,700 square feet of ground floor retail and 49 parking spots.


The design for the modern building includes an elevated rear yard over the garage off 20th Street and a vertical garden along the building’s Third Street façade:


On Thursday, San Francisco’s Planning Commission will vote on whether or not to approve the project as proposed and allow the development by Build Inc. to move forward.

8 thoughts on “Modern Dogpatch Development: Designs For 2290 Third Street”
  1. Judging from the green marble and the four art deco “pillars” on the front corners and on either side of the front door, this building was once a bank branch; probably Bank of America. Not worth saving, but I hope that the marble gets reused.

  2. Would have like to see the originally proposed amount of commercial space but on the other hand there’s a lot of vacant retail space in new construction in Dogpatch and Mission Bay. Meanwhile, interesting shops and eateries are moving into old warehouses along 3rd all the time (probably at much lower rents than it would be in a new building) so maybe this isn’t such a big loss.

  3. As much as I try I have a hard time envisioning Dog Patch in the future. I am aware of the future development plans but is there a plan to move all the industrial uses out of there or does the city plan to see this move by attrition over time? And is this a good thing by the way?

  4. That building was the longtime home of Samy’s Camera/Pro Camera, a venerable institution, meeting place, and vital supplier of the photo industry that used to be in SF.
    Back then, Dogpatch was someplace you didn’t necessarily want to be after nightfall…but times they do indeed change, don’t they?

  5. Yes, I spent a lot of $$$ in Samy’s/ProCamera, and even met someone with the same name as me, also a photographer. I almost expected him to look like me, but he didn’t.

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