Last year Fifield Realty was granted another one-year extension to get started on the development of the approved 400-foot residential tower to rise at 399 Fremont Street, a parcel which was first approved for development back in 2006 and has been granted five one-year extensions to commence development by San Francisco’s Planning Commission.
The day before the latest extension expired on June 15, 2013, the building permit to construct the 452-unit tower was approved and issued, but the ground has yet to be broken. Fifield UDR has until the end of the year to start construction on the site or risk their permits being cancelled by the Planning Department.
UPDATE: A plugged-in reader notes that Fifield has sold the project to UDR.
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9 thoughts on “The Clock Is Ticking For This 400-Foot Tower On Rincon Hill”
  1. Digging deeper in the earnings report…
    “Design Development: During this phase the Company is actively working to complete architectural and engineering documents in preparation for the commencement of construction of multifamily and/or mixed uses communities.”
    I still don’t know if that means they’re doing final prep before starting construction or if it means they’re redesigning the building though.

  2. It’s not apparent in this render, but it has a beautiful leaf-shaped transparent glass crown. It was greatly improved from the original design proposal. It would be strange to start over *again* but who knows.

  3. @Mark: Click through to the linked previous Socketsite page on this project for some much more flattering renders that got praise at the time (even though I liken it to a giant room air cleaner).
    At this point, I am fully prepared to see even a boring design built in order to complete the Rincon Hill neighborhood as envisioned with multiple towers and the Folsom St shopping strip.

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