With the clock ticking and nine days to spare before their construction permit would have expired, UDR has started preparing the Rincon Hill parcel at 399 Fremont Street for the redesigned 400-foot residential tower to rise on the site with 452 units over parking for 238 cars and 150 bikes.
A permit to erect the construction crane for the tower has been triaged and is pending.
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8 thoughts on “Site Prep For Redesigned 400-Foot Tower On Fremont Is Underway”
  1. Nice – like the look, though can’t quite figure out what’s going on at the top (is the glass going to have a diagonal etching or something?).
    Like the parking mix. Would be nice if it were a touch taller – not because I’m a tall freak, but I think 10 years from now it’s going to be weird to have all these 400′ towers in the east half of SoMa.

  2. Wait, on checking the old re-design link… huh, the top is angled to the north?!
    Big fail – I suppose they wanted the building to look taller from the Bay Bridge and 80, but srsly if the top were turned 180 degrees (angled to south), then the whole thing could be solar. Really missing a good opportunity here.

  3. Sierrajeff – Usually these tall building crowns are open to the air on top anyways so the HVAC mechanicals have open air access for intake and exhaust. There might not even be a slanting ‘roof’ here anyways, just a set of walls forming a parapet.
    The area available to solar is relatively tiny so any solar power installation would be more symbolic than useful.

  4. When you go by the site it looks like they completed the 8 story portion. Or is that a different project? Confused.
    [Editor’s Note: That’s 333 Fremont that’s nearing completion next door.]

  5. It’s absurd how big out-of-state development companies can buy their way out of adhering to SF planning guidelines.
    That’s a lot of above grade parking. Thanks UDR. As a nearby tenant, I’ll have to stare at a blank parking garage wall. And thanks Planning Department, for illustrating your rules can be broken, depending on the dollar amount on the check.

  6. Carpetbaggers! How dare they. Only third generation San Franciscans should be allowed to block views with blank parking garage walls.

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