With ten apartments on the top two floors and the ground floor and basement currently occupied by a church, the owner of the three-story building on the northwest corner of 14th and Belcher streets is working on plans to move the church to the basement, convert the first floor of the building into five new apartments, and build two new floors with four new apartments above the existing single story at the rear of the building.
The building’s existing single-space garage and loading zone along 14th Street would be removed as part of the project and parking for bikes would be built in the basement.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by observant neighbor

    It’s my understanding that the new units would be exempt from rent control, even though they are “part of” a pre-1979 building, because the (first) COA for the new units will be issued post-1979. Is this correct?

  2. Posted by soccermom

    I believe you are correct, neighbor.

  3. Posted by phongpei

    I need to rent out my apartments as micro churches.

  4. Posted by wc1

    I lived next door to this church in the 90s.
    I hope the new tenants like Christian rock at 7am on Sundays and 8pm on Wednesday.

  5. Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

    Christian rock? As in what Jesus used to listen to on his iGod?

  6. Posted by 49yo hipster

    You can always retaliate by blasting back: sister christian, Jesus is just alright with me, running with the devil….

  7. Posted by kthnxybe

    Eh, looked it up, it’s a Foursquare church (early 20th century Pentecostal movement) – so yeah, there will be that Christian rock stuff, most likely. But since it’s in SF, they probably are comparatively open minded and not too in-your-face religious. So it seems somewhat childish to “retaliate” in such a manner as 49-year-old-hipster proposes, though I’m sure any buyers would want some sort of disclosure on the noise factor.

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