With Square moving six blocks away to 1455 Market between Tenth and Eleventh in September, Yahoo is reportedly close to signing a lease for Square’s current digs in the Chronicle Building at Fifth and Mission.

5 thoughts on “Yahoo Circling Square’s Chronicle Building Space”
  1. Totally looking forward to all the tech companies coming into SF. Makes perfect sense. Tech crowd is generally younger. Much more happenin’ here than in the South Bay. Great for property values too.

  2. Indeed. All the charter buses seen circling the City to pick up people to work down south are a proof there’s a desire from some of the employees from these tech giants to live here. They might even lose some of their potential talent by not offering a SF workplace.
    For instance I rejected a very decent job offer 6 years ago that was south of SJ. I took a SF job instead. I knew I could have followed the job, either by driving 3 hours/day or moving closer, but you have to draw a line somewhere.
    Also, not everyone wants to spend 3 hours in an air conditioned bus every day. Plus some locals will hate you specifically because of these buses. As a cyclist and driver, they’re one more (cumbersome) wildcard to worry about.

  3. I don’t understand how San Jose failed to entice the tech workers to live in San Jose. This a major failure in civic/ business leadership. They have everything they need: weather (being the most northern sun belt city), plenty of inexpensive (realtively speaking) land downtown, and a talented work force that’s so desperate to live an intereting life that they’re willing to spend hours on daily bus commute. AND… we are on the cusp of major shift in American lifestyle in which all parts of the demographic pie express a desire to jettison suburban life for city life. All they have to do is supercharge the public school system, buid complete neighborhoods and they could capture quite a bit of SF’s growth

  4. ^Well, one reason is that they haven’t failed. SJ is growing just as fast as SF, just mostly in different demographics.

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