1455 Market Street
Plans to add a “chef’s kitchen and other amenities” for employees of Square are underway at 1455 Market Street, with the company’s six block move from its current Mid-Market headquarters at Fifth and Mission to its future “Mid-Market” headquarters on Market between Tenth and Eleventh Streets expected to be executed by mid-2013.
1455 Market Street
1455 Market Street is directly adjacent to Crescent Heights’ 749-unit development at 1401 Market Street which is rising right across Tenth Street from “Market Square,” no relation.
1401 Market Rendering
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Steve

    I wish they would do something with the godawful facade while they’re at it…
    On a related note – I noticed the facade panels going up on the south side of 1401 Market and they look like black pre-cast. Is that the material that looks like grey on the lowrise portion of the rendering above (as well as the veritical stripes on the tower)?
    And stretching the topic somewhat to Trinity Place/Plaza or whatever it’s called, I’ve been trying to find out what the next phase(s) of the project will look like but can only find the original scheme online. It’s obvious that they’ve departed from what was originally planned (the building currently under construction was supposed to wrap around onto 8th street with a hole through the building and then I think wrap around onto an extension of Stevenson. They also cheaped-down on the facade – replacing the metal panels on the first building with grey precast). I hope by splitting up the building that they’re not doing away with the holes – which are the most distinctive elements of the design. Does anyone have updated renderings or a new phasing plan?

  2. Posted by Invented

    11th Street between Market and Mission is a bit of an awkward wasteland. This development (and Twitter, Dolby, as well as the forthcoming residential influx here) might help rethink this street as a partial green space, ltd access, etc.

  3. Posted by Mike

    100% agree with the facade comment – really hope that they can do something to improve the exterior of this building (like what’s being done around the corner to the AAA building on Van Ness).

  4. Posted by taco taco

    I read somewhere that Jack Dorsey said they were going to try to work more windows into the facade. This neighborhood is absolutely on fire, and the vibe seems to be carrying north along Van Ness and Polk as well.

  5. Posted by 1965

    @taco taco Here’s the article

    The building currently has no windows in its massive podium, but Square and building owner Hudson Pacific Properties will be making extensive improvements in the coming months. Installing windows is top on the list.

  6. Posted by Guy Smiley

    Not to split hairs but 5th and Mission is really considered Yerba Buena
    Thanks and have a nice day
    [Editor’s Note: Split away, but also try following our “Mid-Market” link above for the boundaries as defined by what was the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Ironically, 1455 Market is actually the building that’s outside the Mid-Market bounds.]

  7. Posted by 1965

    Another fun fact about this building, according to the internet:

    One of the few buildings in SF that was designed and engineered to be expanded vertically at a future date. The building can be doubled in height without major changes to the lower portion.

  8. Posted by Turin

    That Internet knows everything! In fact, I think it old me once that this building was originally planned to have a twin tower at some point (presumedly, it would have risen from the southern end of the podium, though I’m not sure about that).
    So happy to see all the changes coming to Mid-Market.

  9. Posted by Mark

    1455 is one ugly building. Hope this gets replaced or refaced at the very least. Back to the new construction…looks pretty spiffy and imagine if tenants were able to look outside and view the fabulous Fox Theater instead of Fox Plaza. Oh, the early 1960s definition of “urban renewal.”

  10. Posted by Gyuppy

    I have serious doubts about this company. Low barriers to entry and pricing pressure. It is still much easier just to pull out your debit card at Starbucks.
    What’s the bull case?

  11. Posted by Kurt Brown

    @Guyuppy: Companies come and go, buildings remain. SSite is mostly all about the buildings.
    Of course we do drift sometimes. Parking, bay windows, bull/bear fights, and defining the “Real San Francisco” are always popular tangents. Technology company business model discussions are usually much less popular than those.

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