While the exterior of the Albert Farr designed Craftsman home at 2400 Vallejo has recently been resurfaced in White Cedar, the interior remodeling remains “ready and waiting for the new owner’s creative input and finishing touches.”
As designed, the remodeled home would total 6,293 square feet of living space with six bedrooms and 1,068 square feet of garage space for three cars.
Purchased for $3,550,000 in October of 2011, the now gutted Pacific Heights project has just returned to the market listed for $5,500,000 including the approved plans for finishing the interior designed by architect William Craig, but not the cost of finishing the work.
∙ Listing: 2400 Vallejo Street (6/5.5) – $5,500,000 [2400vallejostreet.com]

18 thoughts on “Seeking A Buyer’s Creative Input And Cash To Finish The Job Inside”
  1. Remember this selling in 2011 and thinking it was a great bargain at the time. From what I recall it wasn’t in that bad of shape. The fact that there is no interior pics lead me to believe that this project is being abandoned. $5.5 is still an interesting price point but a little too high, I think.

  2. I’m not surprised by this… The owner clearly bit off more than she could chew here. I walk by this place all the time and it’s been something of a debacle. The place is stripped down to the studs inside and it probably needs to be completely reframed. It’s not a 2 million project. Probably 3 on the low end and as much as 5 with an expensive contractor. I say it’s overpriced by about 2 million. Even buyers looking for a project might be intimidated by this one but who knows. The wacko purple trim and lavender garage doors just kill me.
    The other bad news is this place is next door to Arden Van Upp, the infamous slumlord/kook from the Bourn Mansion. Ms. Upp, unmistakable in her black mini-skirts and uggs, typically introduces herself to neighbors under an alias, but it’s her.
    If the house were done perfectly, it might sell for 6.5-7… maybe… if a talented architect can figure out what to do with the odd spaces flanking the multiple garages. The other houses down Vallejo are superior and clearly command top dollar. Not a project for the faint-hearted for sure.

  3. 2:39PM – Sucker is born
    2:40PM – Sucker is born
    2:41PM – Sucker is born
    2:42PM – Sucker is born
    2:43PM – Sucker is born
    Confirmed. This place should sell.

  4. Based on the old listing photos the interior actually looked pretty good. Shame the owner felt the need to gut the place.

  5. If I had a dollar for every time I heard. Hey, my construction loan and credit cards are all maxed out and I am not finished, what do I do?
    Sometimes the best contractors, builders, construction companies, house flippers, rehabbers run into cost over runs. It’s really hard and it takes years of experience to know, what can be unexpected and always put a 15%-20% what if amount into the cost.
    The last job remodel we did I ran about $16,000 under budget. Everyone was really happy.
    One I am starting next May is probably the biggest cluster f@ck in history. Bad Roof, rot, interior damage. Plus the house is early 1980’s and has to be brought current.
    This job will probably cost the HOA and Insurance Companies over $100,000. Maybe more, depending on the HOA and if they get the money to fix the roofs.

  6. Gutted pretty much means you have to get a private loan.
    A construction lender will not lend being that construction has started.
    Cluster f**K

  7. “New plans with the permit ready to be picked up” per the listing website.
    so…the interior was gutted illegally

  8. Glad to know where Arden is.
    What happened to her daughter Tammy van Upp?

    I don’t know, but I look at this like it’s a real-world Great Expectations.
    • Arden Van Upp is Miss Havisham (minus the reluctance to leave the house)
    • that makes Tammy van Upp Estella.
    …so you know what happened to her.

  9. A bit slow here, but I just noticed that the listing agent somehow has this property at 6300 square feet…a full 1000 sq ft more than was reported by the previous listing agent in 2011. I’m assuming the new agent is including the garage space as interior square footage which I don’t think is particularly ethical.

  10. Curious… or maybe not. It was listed in contract for awhile. I hope someone comes along and puts this poor place out of its misery. I’m not really one for ad hominems, but the owner seems, um, interesting… I’ve seen her a few times and she kind of dresses like a cult member/sister-wife. She and Ms. Van Upp seemed like they’d get along quite well.

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