As we first wrote about the modern Marin home at 26 Oak Mountain Court four years ago, it’s a Claude Oakland designed Eichler in Lucas Valley which was constructed in 1963.
Renovated and expanded to roughly 2,400 square feet, modern lovers might want to keep looking while Eichler purists should probably look away:

We still don’t get the carpeted dining room at the end of the kitchen.
But we remain fans of the home’s overall design and lot.
Never listed on the MLS but seeking $1,550,000 back in 2009, the owners decided not to sell and stayed in the house. At the end of this month, however, the plan is to list the home for $1,600,000, before which private showings are available if you’re plugged-in.

8 thoughts on “More Modern Over In Marin”
  1. pretty house, but that neighborhood is quite remote. I looked at a couple houses out there and there’s really nothing there except for those Eichlers.

  2. Great question Josh. I think the answer is that the sellers are hoping their house is ‘sexy’ enough to make the difference. A lot of the Eichlers in this area are in original, or funky remodeled states. A lot of people will pay for turn-key sexy.
    My other question is that, isn’t this house across from the Grady Ranch where George Lucas wants to build low income housing in a middle finger to the NIMBY resistance that met his movie studio proposal? I am pretty sure it is….

  3. This house is bigger than most Eichlers in the area. It’s 2400 sq ft, which puts this at $666/ft at asking. That’s a premium, but not a huge premium over other houses in the area, which tend to go for $500-$650/ft depending on size and quality. I guess with the view, square footage and remodel that price isn’t a stretch. It’s still a lot to live way out there and not have the kind of privacy you get further up Lucas Valley.

  4. The Lucas/Grady ranch project has been tabled and does not have funding at this time so it is currently unlikely it will be happening. I have seen the house and it has an incredible amount of privacy, in fact the back yard drops off below the back deck and there are expansive views of the valley and hills which is very rare.The house is in incredible shape and if you placed it anywhere in Marin you would feel that it was very modern, sleek, turnkey, and would rival any other modern home in this price range.Homes like this in Mill Valley sell for $900+ per square foot so it is not that high for homes of this caliber in Marin or even San Rafael.

  5. ^ you sound a lot like a listing agent
    2005 — sold for $1,000,000
    2006 — sold for $1,400,000
    2007 — sold for $1,580,000 (oops)
    2009 — marketed at $1,550,000, no sale
    2013 — marketed at $1,600,000, outcome TBD

  6. It probably would sell for $900/ft in Mill Valley. Mill Valley is much closer to the city and there’s an actual downtown. The general vibe in MV is also totally different (some would say better, some worse). This part of Lucas Valley is a bit remote from stores/restaurants and it’s a long commute from out there. Hence the comparison to Mill Valley is kind of pointless. Either way, for that quality (judging by photos – not always totally accurate) and square footage, the price is probably in the ballpark, even if slightly optimistic.

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