In the words of a camera toting tipster, “Just like in Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, they’ve dug deep enough over at 45 Lansing that they’ll now need a crane to remove the backhoes” from the basement of the 39-story Rincon Hill condo tower to rise.
Quickly rising in the background above, the façade for the 50-story second tower of One Rincon Hill has begun to be hung from its concrete frame:


Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sfcommie

    The excavators and drills go off at 7:30AM. My windows get filthy soon after they are washed. By the time these guys are done, another will start on Harrison and Fremont. Then 1st and folsom. It’ll be nonstop construction over here for another year or two. Thank God, I’m getting out of here tomorrow!

  2. Posted by oh year

    @sfcommie, really? Where ya heading…

  3. Posted by condoshopper

    one can wash the exterior of side of their condo windows?

  4. Posted by shza

    Why would you infer that he’s claiming to wash his windows himself?

  5. Posted by asdf

    @sfcommie: Rincon Hill problems.

  6. Posted by condoshopper

    i was led to think that when he stated the daily time of occurrence of the construction, but yes it seems like just an assumption on my part.

  7. Posted by condoshopper

    or don’t tell me the HOA is hiring window cleaners every day, that’d be expensive.

  8. Posted by Invented

    The owner was unaware that there would be construction in the area when bought in? Psst — Things will settle in about 5-7 years. (maybe) see ya!

  9. Posted by sfcommie

    Heh, these guys are digging some more just when you thought they were about done. Makes sense, 3 stories below ground is not enough for a building this size. Me,I’m going abroad for a while. I’ll be back when the dust settles and SF rent becomes more reasonable. (Yeah right, when pigs fly).

  10. Posted by Mike

    I live at One Rincon Hill. My neighbors and myself welcome all the new construction. It’s exciting and benefits us all.

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