Before San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood was expanded by filling the marshes at the edge of the Bay, the corner of Third and 23rd was a waterfront location upon which the Tubbs Cordage Mill sat, manufacturing nautical ropes and the “life-saving net” for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.


And in a nod to the site’s history, the designs for the 1201 Tennessee project include a rope based sculpture and educational nautical knot tying station along the development’s proposed mid-block passage between Third and Tennessee:

3 thoughts on “A Nautical Nod To Dogpatch’s Past, Present, And Future”
  1. I wonder if there will be a similar ropes and knots tribute installed when the armory building is eventually redeveloped.
    But seriously it is nice to see a tribute to the historical use of this location.

  2. Alfred Tubbs, owner of Tubbs Cordage. A bit of background:
    Sold the original rivets to the Levis Strauss brothers for their denim. Founded Chateau Monetelena Winery in Napa valley.
    An 18th century entrepreneur, if ever there was one.

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