With a hearing for Supervisor Wiener’s proposed California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reform legislation having been delayed by at least another two weeks, Supervisor Kim is set to formally introduce her competing legislation to the Board this afternoon.

The major points of contention between the two proposed pieces of legislation: the process for notifying the public about a project; the timeline for appealing a project’s clearance to move forward; and exemptions from environmental review.

With Supervisors Chiu, Kim and Wiener comprising the Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee, and a majority vote need for either of the competing pieces of legislation to be heard by the full Board, Supervisor Chiu wields the key swing vote.

5 thoughts on “See Supervisor Kim Introduce Competing CEQA Legislation”
  1. Kim is clearly only trying to appease her NIMBY masters. If she really cared about the legislation she would work with Wiener to come up with a compromise.
    What she’s proposing is a joke.

  2. Maybe. And I’m sure people on the other side see Supervisor Wiener as just trying to appease his masters, the members of the Coalition for Responsible Growth.
    Dealing with competing priorities and points of view is why we have a political process. Enjoy it while you can.

  3. Yet they wouldn’t have scrambled with a competing piece of legislation if Wiener hadn’t presented his own proposal.
    The goal is clearly the following: Wiener proposes one timid step forward, his opponents counter with 2 huge steps backward and the end result will be either 1) a status quo or 2) a Frankenstein compromise legislation.
    The Peskin/Daly wannabe obstructors are really outdoing themselves on that one.

  4. FWIW, both the Chronicle and Examiner endorse Wiener’s legislation.
    From the Examiner:
    “The supervisor has held community meetings with numerous stakeholders and gathered feedback before several city commissions. Stemming from the feedback that he received during those meetings and hearings, he has made nearly 40 amendments to his original proposal.”
    He has involved all parties, why wasn’t Kim working with him?

  5. Someone still reads the Chronicle? In my opinion, that propaganda rag is just printing papers full of AP stories until Hearst’s properties can get upzoned as part of the Central Corridor Plan moving through Planning, and then that sad rag is dead.
    Not sure what to make of The Examiner’s (and SFWeekly’s and Guardian’s) new owners … but perhaps they “endorsed” Wiener’s legislation because Jane’s just came out yesterday? Duh.

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