Purchased as a two-unit building with 2,980 square feet over an unfinished basement for $1,410,000 ten months ago, 1308-1310 Valencia has since been lifted to add 1,570 of finished square feet, reconfigured and remodeled. And the building’s facade which was stuccoed over in the 60’s has been restored returned to its Victorian roots.
With a new total of 4,550 finished square feet, the two units are now back on the market townhome TICs asking $1,899,000 a piece or $3,798,000 for the entire building.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Rob

    Huge improvement. Great to see extra space in the garden level being put to use. I’ve been wondering what the final look would be…
    I could do without the division wall at the top of the steps.

  2. Posted by vagrants-and-gunplay-r-included

    $835 psf to live at 24th & valencia? it’s amazing how quickly we’ve blown another bubble.

  3. Posted by Ian Berke

    Mostly a welcome and well done restoration except that would be wise to look at similar buildings with original facades for correct detailing. Some detailing clearly not correct in this restoration: i.e. center column and solid wall in the portico, use of rustic siding above upper windows in bays, solid bannisters of siding, rather than turned balusters with robust handrail, etc, etc. May seem like excessive detail, but attention to detail is what gives a facade restoration real historicity.

  4. Posted by EH


  5. Posted by wc1

    Huge improvement on the stucco, can’t deny that.
    However, the front can’t really be called a restoration. The lack of attention to historical detail makes the facade look more like a new build, then something original.

  6. Posted by Invented

    Good eye Wc1; I wish Restoration Workshop (Yerke) had been involved. I’d like to know who did this facade redo.

  7. Posted by futurist

    I like the new work; it’s reflective of Victorian or Edwardian period without being overly slavish to it.
    The above comments, while being somewhat picky, are probably meant to be genuine, but the final results still speaks well of fully renovated urban architecture.
    Obviously, there was a budget involved; there always is, and that does play a strong part in determining the level of detail and materials to be used.
    This is a nice addition to Valencia St. compared too the previous stucco facade.

  8. Posted by Nail it

    Wow, narrow minded comments. I did the re-do. If I had wanted it to be completely as it had originally been then that’s what would have been done. The concept behind the new facade was to blend the Italinate with the modern. Wall in the center of poritco is for structural reasons.

  9. Posted by Around1905

    There is a great recent book out on the subject of traditional houses — ‘Get your house right’ by Marianne Cusato has been a great resource in my projects. You don’t need a particular contractor to get things right — just a good reference or two and a willing carpenter.

  10. Posted by Michael

    The wall in the portico is awkward but otherwise well done. Amazing the difference new trim around existing windows/bays can make.

  11. Posted by Nail it

    Thank you “Futurist”, I could have kept the stucco and still get the same price !

  12. Posted by 24th st. new comer

    I think it fits in the neighborhood really well, Great location, walk down Valencia or up 24th

  13. Posted by LD

    @Nail it: In not doing a genuine facade restoration, but looking like you tried, it looks like corners were cut. Makes one wonder what other things were done half way.

  14. Posted by Nail it

    @LD, everone on this site knows that your comments are redundant.

  15. Posted by observant neighbor

    It says something about the state of the market that the developer opted to create 2300 sqft TICs rather than two 1500 sqft units plus separate 1 bedroom units (800 soft) on the ground level. I would have thought that the 4-unit option would generate a considerably higher return on a per-sqft basis at this location. (The new units, as post-1979 construction, would have been free from rent control and not affected condo conversion of the original units.) But I guess the Mission market has changed . . .

  16. Posted by Nail it

    @observant neighbor, You are right in a way, but planning will not allow this, with the available open space in the rear. Developers are not anti multiple units , city planning is.

  17. Posted by someone

    @Nall, very well done project and I think for a flip you guys did plenty of restoration. I wouldn’t fabricate intircate details at top $$$ for my own house.
    Just curious though if you had that exit price in mind? must admit that you outbid me on this one and I was willing to go higher but not by that much.
    Clearly market was different a year ago, but I didn’t imagine much more than (say) $3.2M exit and didn’t feel like pushing it.

  18. Posted by Nail it

    @ someone, no I did not, but did not forsee the expense either, Have a look inside you will see what I’m talking about.

  19. Posted by observant neighbor

    It’s absurd that Planning won’t allow the construction of additional units when an existing building can clearly accommodate additional units without an expansion in the footprint. This is the same Planning that erects nearly impossible hurdles to recombining units in buildings that were senselessly split up ages ago!
    I sense another cause for the eminently sensible Scott Wiener!

  20. Posted by apropos

    I might have done a few exterior details differently myself, but all in all, I think this is a very well done job. My compliments to Nail it!

  21. Posted by sf

    It looks like Main Street USA xp

  22. Posted by LD

    “Wall in middle of portico is for structural reasons” ie I was too cheap to install a larger header and new posts and footings to open up the entry….

  23. Posted by soccermom

    Great job. Don’t let the whiners spoil it. Impressive turnaround to get this lifted, rebuilt and back on the market in 10 months.
    How much did lifting the structure add to your cost?
    What rate do you think your TIC buyers will have to pay to borrow?
    I like the color scheme and I bet the market will too. Good luck to you.

  24. Posted by sf_guv

    So Nice job overall I agree but the price seems high. Before the ground floor was finished (in leu of parking in a neighborhood woefully short on parking) the sq footage was modest at 1500 each roughly. What was added is partially below ground finished basement. Almost $2 million will buy a lot of house still, even in this market, and not on noisy Valencia. But if its just what a rich kid with a bike and a beard always dreamed of… who knows? It just might sell. But still: pricey

  25. Posted by Lori

    I think it looks nice, although admittedly I am not familiar with what makes something completely “authentic” and whatnot. No one can deny that this is a huge curb appeal improvement over what was there. I would have loved to see a garage added, though.
    [Editor’s Note: There is a two-car garage, and patio or parking pad, behind the building.]

  26. Posted by LPH Victorian

    Wow, excellent job! So glad to see this beauty restored. Great work!

  27. Posted by Cody

    An ugly piece of property made beautiful again! I see these old homes all over the city that were trashed in the 1960s & lament the architectual loss. I hope to see many more of these remodels that restore the beauty of the city! The person who did the job deserves lots praise.

  28. Posted by Willow

    Count me in the “I really like it” camp. Well done Nail it! Who cares if it is not a perfect restoration?
    However that is some serious dough for each unit. Good luck!

  29. Posted by Alai

    So in order to make it a four-unit building, you’d have to add open space by removing the garage in the back (which is not mandated by the city)?
    Is that right?

  30. Posted by Snark17

    This is gorgeous and a great contribution to the neighborhood. Love the details in the fence out front. With all that space, location and parking in the back I would not be at all surprised if it sells at that price in the current market.

  31. Posted by Mikeywoodz

    1.9 seems upsurd for this busy street and as a fast track tic with this level of finishing, but who knows only takes two

  32. Posted by eddy

    Nice work here. Why no link to the site listing this for sale?? I added the redfin listing to the name link.
    Thanks @nail for providing input as a developer. Good luck
    As for the pricing; things are really crazy out there right now. Condos selling for SFH prices, SFHs selling for top dollar.
    3343 Jackson is a condo on Presidio Heights in very ‘average’ condition that sold for $2.4M (15% over asking) with 1k/mo HOA. Sold in 19 days. Head scratcher.
    I’d say anything possible; including this going over asking.

  33. Posted by Mike

    Slap on some ornate flourishes and then paint it about 100 times until the details become blurred and you can see plenty of drip marks and then maybe it will be authentic enough for these backseat architects.

  34. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 1308-1310 Valencia Street has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $3,398,000, a little under $750 per square foot and eleven percent ($400,000) under list.

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