The top floor and attic of the three-unit building at 3758-3762 21st Street were turned into a light-filled penthouse unit (3762 21st Street) with high-end finishes and Dolores Heights views back in 2014.

In addition to two bedrooms and two full baths on the main floor, there’s a third room on the upper level, a private deck with sweeping views, stairs down to a beautifully designed shared patio and outdoor kitchen, and a parking space in the building’s garage.

Purchased for $1.800 million in October of 2014, 3762 21st Street returned to the market priced at $1.995 million in 2022, was re-listed for $1.895 million last year and then re-listed anew for $1.795 million two weeks ago, a sale at which would represent net appreciation of 0.0 percent for the penthouse TIC unit over the past decade on an apples-to-apples basis.

If you think you know the market for Dolores Heights and/or high-end TIC units, now’s the time to tell.

12 thoughts on “Stunning Dolores Heights Penthouse Returns Anew”
  1. For the exact same asking one could give a SFH…just down from Knockash Hill. Which makes this TIC situation look rather overpriced.

      1. Snap, I guess my random pull of a property on the West Side got edited out as a plug. Point remains. At any rate, future will tell if the ghosts of 2018 have enough halo to attract a startup Executive VP clamoring for a spot at Mt. Zuckerberg.

        1. I was able to see it before it was removed and I would prefer it for so many reasons. High end finishes come and go but the bones of the house were great, you got to live without having downstairs neighbors to deal with, the floor plan was much more interesting and if high end finishes are your thing then go shopping and make it your own. I liked the neighborhood better too.

    1. After you get past all the glitter brought in by the flipper and stager, it comes down to Location, Location, Location.

      Sun vs fog, warm weather vs cold, overlooking a quiet street vs a noisy crosstown thoroughfare, a useable exterior deck with a northern view that has depth and detail, a walkable neighborhood with access to shopping and restaurants on 24th Street and the Castro, access to public transportation to get downtown or across town, and a myriad sequence of interesting blocks to walk your dog on.

  2. For me, the high end finishes are dated. Zero closet space outside of the bedrooms. Three flights of stairs from the garage to the unit (same for the shared space). The view is nice, though. (Then again, I get a sweeping view of the Blue Hills Reservation from my light-filled Boston perch for a quarter of the price. It works for me.)

    Some people just want the view and move-in condition. It will find a buyer and they will make it their home.

    1. The point of which would be what, exactly? So it can be resold more easily, since S.F. condo’s get traded around like Magic: the Gathering cards? Perhaps so an investor or penny ante landlord looking to work around local limits on annual rent increases can take a unit in a building constructed in 1907 and still collect market rate rents? Enquiring minds want to know.

  3. I viewed this the last time it was on the market. The view is stunning. But the coat closet at the entrance was converted into a washer/dryer space. So, you have to walk up all the stairs before you can take off your coat and hang it up. And as someone else pointed out, that will have to be in the bedroom. No idea where you would store the vacuum cleaner and such. There is no general closet and no linen closet.
    The high-end finishes were specific to the prior owner’s taste, including a large piece of art imbedded in the cement wall in the living room (and kept out of the photos). You are stuck with it whether you like it or not.
    The wine shelves are in direct sunlight – not a good idea.
    The living room is much smaller than it looks in those photos.
    The attic space is a head-banger, not fit for anything other than long-term storage. I guess they could not afford to put in dormers or could not get permits to do so. And the ladder to the attic – also not shown in the photos – is extremely steep and is an accident waiting to happen.
    With all those stairs, the buyer is going to have to be someone young with a lot of money who is not thinking about resale.

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