With a total of four (4) existing toilets in the dated Dolores Park Clubhouse and fewer porta-potties in place than in the past, the line to pee privately versus publicly in the park seemed to measure well over an hour this weekend.

As plugged-in people know, relief is in the works with 14 toilets for women, 5 toilets and eight urinals for men, and 4 unisex toilets planned to be constructed in the park, half of which could be online in about a year.

And of course, there’s also the one proposed pissior for males, the construction of which could very well turn into a legal pissing match of its own.

19 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Dolores Park Pissing Match And Future Toilet Scores”
  1. I still can’t understand how we build playgrounds and do not build bathrooms nearby that can accommodate families with children. It’s crazy that millions we invested in DC’s playground but, they neglected to include adequate restroom facilities which places the burden on neighboring businesses or leaves people with no other option than to have kids “pop a squat” in public. Gross I know, but when a kids’ gotta go, they gotta go….

  2. The “4 unisex toilets” are probably the best choice for a parent needs to assist a child.
    But for those who are worried about people having sex and/or shooting up in a pissoir, they will be clogging up the unisex toilets instead since they offer some sort of privacy.

  3. Why are we spending tax dollars to have more than, say, 4 bathrooms? After all, the reason they need so many is because people drink illegally in the park. That should end. I do not want to subsidize a leisure party. I do want to subsidize a place for kids to play and taxpaying grown ups to be active, not sit around and get wasted.

  4. um, frank…my bladder does not discriminate between water and beer. both eventually end up in it and need to get out.

  5. @realistic: The playground was funded with a large private contribution and went ahead because the funds were available. At the time it was also known that Dolores Park would be renovated and it was anticipated that there would be new restroom facilities as part of that process. And, sure enough, there are new restroom facilities. So it was really not a lack of planning but more of timing.

  6. @Mossy — I see, on a warm weekend day, at least 100 people walking down 18th Street with a 12 pack of beer headed to the park. Guess how many people I see with any amount of water.

  7. The whole point of a nice sunny park is to go and relax on the weekend and drink some beer with friends after working hard all week.
    why should that stop? Just build more toilets!

  8. I’m searching for words to express my amazement at the outrageously far-fetched problems people are pretending to expect from having public restrooms in a public park. I’ll let you know when I find them. In the meantime I think Frank C. might be happier back home in Utah.

  9. Now we finally know the point of our nice sunny parks.
    I had no idea. I just assumed, silly me, it was about fresh air and exercise.

  10. Dudes, I’m from NYC and now live here for 10 years. I’ve done all the drugs and booze you could think of, and my social life never lacked. LOVE the outdoors. I just also believe in respecting neighborhoods and places where people actually live just something I don’t see a lot of here in SF. That is, my desire to party does not come before respect for other people’s wishes. Uh, aren’t open containers illegal? Perhaps for a reason? Case rested

  11. Frank C.: Don’t worry, the bathroom’s now-close proximity to the playground will be used eventually as an excuse to crack down on the partying.

  12. Hate the unisex bathroom idea. Actually I don’t know of any woman who does. Hate the fact that developers think these are a good idea. Instead of unisex, create four “family restrooms” and keep the other ones assigned to specific sexes.

  13. It is city policy to have some bathrooms be gender neutral. These work for gender nonconforming and trans people as well as for families, and usually are private. Women who prefer women-only bathrooms can use those.

  14. Most of our issues have to do with sanitation… Beginning with many time dealing with a wet or a sticky floor near the commode.

  15. @ SFgrace:
    Got it. So only men get the floor wet or sticky near the what? oh commode. You mean toilet?
    Really? help me out with this one.

  16. Who cares about who’s drinking alcohol or not, the issue is that presently there is a line to use the restroom ALL THE TIME. So to build a playground without adequate restrooms nearby is just stupid. Moscone Playground has a restroom that actually has SOAP and PAPER TOWELS in it…
    I don’t see drunks defacing the restrooms or camping out in them nor do I see any drug use other than the constant marijuana cloud, but isn’t that everywhere???

  17. Oh yeah…@Milkshake try telling a 4 year old “the playground came from private funding and a unisex 16 stall bathroom is in the pipeline so why don’t you just hold it til say…next Summer!”

  18. The park’s primary use is as an open-air toilet for dogs, but toilets for humans are controversial.

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