Currently a 94-space parking lot down near the ballpark, plans to build a five-story building with roughly 100,000 square feet office space over either 7,000 square feet for ground-floor retail/restaurant use or additional commercial space at 345 Brannan Street have received a Preliminary Mitigated Negative Declaration from Planning.
A 4,000 square foot roof deck for tenants would be constructed atop the 65-foot-tall building, an underground garage for 26 cars would be built below.
The project would remove the two existing curb cuts on Brannan (the building’s garage entrance would be located on Stanford Street) and include the planting of four new trees along its Brannan Street frontage:

345 Brannan Facade
Assuming approvals from the Planning Commission, and no extended delays or appeals, construction on the proposed 275-foot deep building is currently scheduled to start this summer and last for ten to twelve months. Click the image below to enlarge.

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3 thoughts on “Parking Lot And Development Alert: The Designs For 345 Brannan”
  1. Damn it, I park in that lot! It’s not really getting harder to park down here, but it is getting a lot more expensive.

  2. “…construction on the proposed 275-foot deep building is currently scheduled to start this summer and last for ten to twelve months.”
    At minimum it takes a couple months to get to the Planning Commission and then many months beyond that, typically, before construction drawings can be completed, submitted, and approved by the City. If Planning approvals happen this spring, I would think the earliest the project would start construction would be end of this year or early 2014. And construction of a building like that takes minimum a 12-18 months. All of these pronouncements are optimistic beyond reason. You gotta take this stuff with a heaping grain of salt.

  3. Also losing the parking lot at 270 Brannan near second street. That lt has approximately 130 cars parked in it on a daily basis and during Giiants games. instead, a 7 story office building planned with little to no parking in the building.

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