Mission Rock Open Space Plan

As part of the Giants’ proposed Mission Rock Development, a new park, plaza and public square at the heart of the development will be built on eight of the area’s 27-acres.

Originally constructed as part of the AT&T Park project, China Basin Park will be expanded to 5-acres with a waterfront great lawn and special event area, a waterfront café with outdoor seating, a junior baseball field, gardens and picnic areas, and a promenade connection to the new Channel Plaza between Piers 48 and 50.


The area between Piers 48 and 50 will be converted into a hardscaped ½-acre “Channel Plaza” with views of working vessels and other maritime uses.

And at the heart of the development, Mission Rock Square will be a 1.3-acre park with a multi-use lawn, plaza, and café pavilion framed by a mix of residential and commercial uses, including ground-floor retail with a pedestrian connection to Channel Plaza.


The park and open spaces will be owned by, and remain under the jurisdiction of, the Port but managed and programmed by the Giants subject to Port approval. Maintenance of the parks and open spaces will be funded by special taxes imposed on the development.

Plug in tomorrow Wednesday for the proposed financial terms, project phasing, and block-by-block heights for the Giants’ Mission Rock Development to rise.

11 thoughts on “The Proposed Park, Plaza, And Mission Rock Square”
  1. How about including a permanent stage in the park for different events? just a concrete platform with electrical would make a lot of sense.

  2. How about doubling the capacity of the T line (and possible N line extension) and maybe widening 3rd St to accomodate all the people who will live/work/visit here? Or maybe they can just be brought in by water taxi or beamed down like in Star Trek?

  3. In typical SF fashion, half will be completed in ten years and the rest of the project will be in limbo for the next generation to sort out.
    After the Giants get tired of ATT in 2025, they move to San Jose and the area becomes a homeless camp.

  4. interesting trivia: the wide end of Pier 50 used to be an actual island called Mission Rock, the very same this new neighborhood is named after.

  5. Double the height?
    The plan already has towers in the 30 story range – You really want 60 story towers in Mission Bay?

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