A plugged-in tipster first put the pieces together. And now, our sources confirm the proposal which suggests that Café Cocomo’s dancing days at 650 Indiana are numbered.
The Potrero Hill parcel upon which Café Cocomo sits and includes 630, 666, and 698 Indiana Street was purchased by 650 Indiana Investment, LLC last year. While members of the LLC are hidden, a business address associated with 650 Indiana Investment just so happens to be 315 Linden, the office of developer Build Inc.
While not yet permitted nor approved, according to our sources a proposal has quietly been pitched to San Francisco’s Planning Department with plans to build residential units on the site with ground floor retail and no mention of a replacement club. The site is currently zoned for development up to 58 feet in height.

6 thoughts on “Café Cocomo’s Dancing Days Are Numbered, Condos Coming Soon?”
  1. Very glad this area is being rebuilt. I agree that the current use is unsafe and dingy. This will be a good compliment to the Esprit condos down the street. Hopefully they can tear down the 280 freeway bordering the site to further help the feel of the nabe.

  2. So of course the club will relocate to west SOMA and bring all its troubled past with it. Oh but wait, according to that jolly prankster and former Entertainment Commissioner and owner of Pink Diamonds would say, “it bring jobs and money into the city”. Yeah, and plenty of impacts too. Should require all large club venues to prepare Operating Use Impact Reports.

  3. I hope they leave room for a Jamba Juice, Starbucks & Noah’s Bagels on the first floor. Maybe an In & Out. We need to gentrify all neighborhoods in SF and guarantee that what made the city great and unique are gone forever. Unfortunately this will prevent SF residents from bragging about how much cooler they are compared to the rest of the Bay Area, but gentrification is a small price to pay safety, since safety is the reason that SF is so famous. Not the art or music that used to come out of it. Used to.

  4. The Stompy/Sunset parties at Cocomos have never been violent and always have been memorable. But once again we need to get rid of anything interesting so people who move here to be interesting make everything less interesting. But at least everyone transfixed by their laptops and phones in a starbucks will make my panties wet with how safe I feel.

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