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As we first reported this past October, the permits to demolish the existing four story Heald College building at 350 Mission Street and construct a 27-story office tower reaching 350 feet on the site were issued with work slated to start early this year:

350 Mission Rendering
In December, Salesforce announced it signed a 14 year lease for the entire tower to rise including an additional 3 floors for a total of 30 stories and 400 feet on the site that was up-zoned to 700 feet. And with the first chunks taken last week, the demolition of the Heald College building is now well underway.
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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by aahuatzi

    This is sad, this tower should be much taller, its in the heart of downtown with towers reaching up to 1,000ft and they decide to build a 300ft tower. Waste of land, furthermore, it will look nice, nothing we can do about it now, well I don’t think we can.

  2. Posted by Frank

    Probably a difficult spot for the developer. They want to build it as they have the entire thing leased already, yet would obviously then prefer to have more room to lease. It’s unfortunate the process our city makes developers go through, possibly the most irritating thing about this city to me.

  3. Posted by Mark

    I remember some earlier reports about this project, in which the developer said they would like to have gone taller, but couldn’t make it pencil out, financially, due to the lot’s relatively small footprint.

  4. Posted by Bi-Cyclist

    Golly gosh I can’t wait to ride my bike downtown to work in one of those awesome shadowed windows you can see in this picture. It will be so nice to avoid sun damage to my skin while working! Life is short — I say spend it pedaling to these shiny office towers and relaxing afterward in my 175 sq foot apartment!

  5. Posted by Tony

    Mark, you are correct. Based on the lot size, it didn’t make sense for the developer to go taller as an office tower. FAR restrictions may have also played into the decision. If the developer wanted to build a residential or hotel tower, it probably could have penciled out to build a tower to the maximum height limit allowed of 700′.

  6. Posted by Adam

    In summary:
    -“Too short”
    -“Too tall”
    -“Too shady”
    -“Just right”

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