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According to a plugged-in source, Build Group has been selected as the general contractor for the construction of the 39-story tower to rise at 45 Lansing.
45 Lansing Rendering 2011
With construction permits in hand, as we first reported last month, the butterflies will likely soon be evicted from the Lansing Street Pollinator Garden on the site.
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12 thoughts on “Butterflies Facing Eviction As 45 Lansing Lands A General Contractor”
  1. I walk by this everyday and I’ve never seen butterflies here – just trash and homeless people. Glad to see these empty lots are getting some use!

  2. Because Chicago is a city that puts value and emphasis on outcome while SF generally could care less about outcome and cares only about process without end forever.

  3. “Because Chicago is a city that puts value and emphasis on outcome while SF generally could care less about outcome and cares only about process without end forever.” -joe
    What a load of BS.
    As for this tower, it’s not an amazing design at all, but at least it’s not ugly or 100% boring. And we get more housing. Seems good to me.

  4. I feel for the owners at the Lansing across the street. They are going to lose a lot of natural light and some views. I guess they knew that this building was going up when they bought their units. Anyway, in return this building will reduce some of the bay bridge noise for them so that’s a positive.

  5. This is just another shoe box. Postings in recent months must add up to tens of thousands of new people in SF, virtually a new city mostly south of Market.
    Fair warning to the so-called “progressives”: San Francisco is going to be a normal non-crazy American city soon.
    Perhaps it is time for someone (? Kevin Starr) to begin working on an amusing history of San Francisco at the turn of the century, with an all-star cast of Chris, Aaron, Ross, Christina Olague, and their elder Art Agnos. Some day people may look back with bemused nostalgia at the era.

  6. wow, the link to the Aqua in chicago is awesome! that really is an amazing building which I would love to have here.
    sf does suffers from endless process — why put the effort into creating a unique design when you have a 80% of getting the project shot down and redesigned 8 times before approval?

  7. I agree…after a while, many of these buildings all start looking the same. Boring, boring, boring.
    As for more housing, I really see a middle-class family of four setting up house in one of these condos. Where in the world is the SF initiative to build more affordable housing for the middle class? In most cases only a handful of the least desirable units in developments go to lower-income owners.

  8. “How can anyone think that SF cares more about outcome than process????” -joe
    SF doesn’t care about anything. It’s a city, not a person.
    And just because there’s a long process to build things in SF doesn’t mean no one cares about the outcome. If no one cared about outcome, there wouldn’t be so many rules about height, setbacks, shadows, view obstruction, fitting with the “character” of a neighborhood, environmental impact reports, etc. In fact caring so much about the outcome in those kinds of ways, and giving so many people a voice in the process, are some of the primary reasons why the process can be so long.

  9. Is that reddish building across the street the one that has the outdoor pool directly underneath the bay bridge?

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