1830 McAllister
Hidden behind the single-story façade at 1830 McAllister, a dramatically designed one-bedroom NoPa loft has been constructed and rather creatively outfitted.
1830 McAllister Inside
Bookended by windows, and with two skylights over an eighteen foot ceiling between, the roughly 2,500 square foot space boasts a surprising amount of natural light:

1830 McAllister Kitchen.jpg
And while not yet official inventory, 1830 McAllister is about to be listed for $1,500,000.
1830 McAllister Bedroom
1830 McAllister Bath
∙ Listing: 1830 McAllister (1/1) – $1,500,000 [1830mcallister.com]

5 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek Inside The Hidden NoPa Loft At 1830 McAllister”
  1. Staging? Looks pretty perfectly staged to me. W/ personality. I hate the Marriott art show version of staging w/ bad artwork, and Cort generic rental furniture. But maybe that appeals to some people.

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