As a plugged-in reader reports, when you have a development project in San Francisco’s Richmond neighborhood that requires City Planning review, you need to hold a pre-application meeting to notify both neighbors and neighborhood associations about the project the planning department receives your application.
Atop the Planning Department’s current list of people who need to be notified, Margaret Brady who founded Save Our Richmond Environment.
In the words of our reader, “It’s not clear how much Ms. Brady has been involved in shaping projects in the past 10 years, but she has been dead since 2004.” The house in which Ms. Brady resided, and to which Save Our Richmond Environment notifications must be sent, was sold in 2005.
Outer Richmond Neighborhood Association Notification List []
Margaret Brady — mom of 9 in noted Democrat family [SFGate]

6 thoughts on “No Comment From Ms. Brady (Nor Save Our Richmond Environment)”
  1. Alas, Ms. Brady may have been able to save The Richmond, but in the end she couldn’t save herself.

  2. Does the unicorn in the silver-gilt baby crib come with the place? Can’t have enough of those.
    What a ridiculous home.

  3. When one has a development project in ANY SF neighborhood, a pre application meeting with the neighbors is required. Adjacent neighbors, abutting neighbors, neighbors across the street and neighborhood associations listed by the PD must be notified.

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