130 Sea Cliff Avenue
Purchased for $5,500,000 in 2003, the systems within 130 Sea Cliff Avenue were subsequently replaced, steel moment frames were added, and the baths and kitchen were remodeled. Five years later, the kitchen was renovated again and 130 Sea Cliff is now back on the market and listed for $13,000,000.
130 Sea Cliff Avenue Kitchen
The property boasts five bedrooms and seven and one-half bathrooms across 6,375 square feet. And there’s a rather sweet pentroom office, from which old school Silicon Valley (think semiconductors) work was done and money was made.
130 Sea Cliff Avenue Office
∙ Listing: 130 Sea Cliff Avenue (5/7.5) 6,375 sqft – $13,000,000 []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Dont get it


  2. Posted by johnny

    sad. nice home, but WAY overpriced.
    they’ll be lucky to get 50% of list here

  3. Posted by [anon.ed]

    This is actually a well priced property in light of recent comps. I’m guessing that it will go for a couple of percentage points above asking, thanks to all the Facebook money that will soon be floating around the SF market.

  4. Posted by sparky-b

    What is “sad”?

  5. Posted by anon

    “sad” is a strange comment.
    I’m guessing the zynga mailroom boy buys this once the lock-up period expires.

  6. Posted by sparky-b

    No way, that guy won’t want to live out in Sea Cliff. I sure that dude will buy in hot hot hot Noe.

  7. Posted by Mark F.

    Lovely home.

  8. Posted by eddy

    Very nice. It has a sister home with whom it shares a driveway but this home (and the few along this stretch) has perhaps one of the top views of the golden gate bridge in all of the city. As I said previously in another thread, this homes comes on the market on the same day 469 Seacliff goes straight to In-Escrow Firm. I don’t think $2000/psf is a stretch here at all. I suspect someone got a great steal on 469 — especially if you can build on the second lot. Can’t wait to see where that one closes. I sent it in as a tip, but I guess a double lot ocean front view home in SF isn’t tip worthy??? Anyone know the full story on those lots?

  9. Posted by johnny

    it’s nothing personal, but this property is overpriced and won’t receive an offer remotely close to $13 million.
    ZNGA is trading at 9.30 per share (less than its $10 per share offering) and when the “lock up expires” the “mailroom boy” will be lucky to have enough ZNGA value to go grocery shopping.
    consider all of the suckers that bought ZNGA from the Founder and other employees at distorted/overvalued prices

  10. Posted by sparky-b

    Well “anon” said the mailroom guy way gonna buy this place and now “johnny” is saying he won’t. I just don’t know who to believe.
    johnny, I was questioning “sad” not getting a $13M asking price isn’t sad for anyone. I am sure there will be more happy people than sad if it doesn’t get near $13M than (on SS for sure).

  11. Posted by sf

    Is that stucco?
    I think Sea Cliff is very overrated. So much stucco!!

  12. Posted by johnny

    i was just thinking it is sad if “they” really believe this is worth $13 million.
    using your logic, why not ask for $26 million and fantasize?

  13. Posted by kddid

    Can anyone explain the 5 year itch on kitchen remodeling? I find it hard to believe that a kitchen remodeled in 2003/4 would be that out of date by 2009, especially since it was done BY THE SAME OWNER. Clearly someone who has too much money and doesn’t cook anyway. Any before/after pics of those various versions?

  14. Posted by Denis

    Remember 120 Sea Cliff sold for something like 14 million back in 07… 300 Sea Cliff (09) and 830 El Camino Del Mar (2012) sold for close to 2700 per foot… and 230 Sea Cliff was asking 14.5 and sold (I can’t remember the sale price) so the asking price here isn’t totally crazy. It’s in perfect condition and that’s really a game changer. I say it sells quickly for 12.5.

  15. Posted by conifer

    This is a superb, real SF house.
    But for $13m, I think even the mailroom boy wants to be in Pacific Heights or nearby in the City.
    It is pretty foggy and cold out in Sea Cliff, and far away in the County.

  16. Posted by SFMichael

    kddid, best guess – they didn’t have buffed stainless steel. Everything has to be buffed stainless steel now. It’s like a law or something.

  17. Posted by BillyBalls

    There aren’t that many places for sale on the California waterfront, and there are very few with those views.
    I think this goes in the neighborhood of $10M.
    I really like this property.

  18. Posted by Joshua

    Anyone notice the IPO market is in full swing? This week we saw Splunk (who named that company?), Infoblox, and Proofpoint. Many more are in the pipeline. People keep focusing on the social media companies, but there is a much broader wave of liquidity lining the pockets of Bay Area residents, with more to come.

  19. Posted by Mole Man

    $8M tops, probably $6-7M

  20. Posted by jlasf

    Truly incredible house, but Sea Cliff has problems with fog and commute time to downtown. So, here are my suggestions:
    1: All of the people with GG Bridge views should chip in for a giant fan to blow away the fog. I can keep my car windows from fogging up; there must be a way of doing that for Sea Cliff.
    2: Start hourly jet-boat ferry service from China Beach to the Ferry Building. The $100 fare will be pricey, but will keep it exclusive. I was also thinking of a private zip line from the Legion of Honor to Union Square, but that just seems silly.
    Just a thought….

  21. Posted by soccer mom

    Oh snap, all the snarkit site commentary and no one noticed the bathroom wall design in the slideshow?
    I don’t care if it’s an oblique Portlandia reference or something about tweeterdom but holy S,

  22. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Don’t be ridiculous jlasf. A much more practical solution would be to drill two tunnels between the Mission and Sea Cliff. Pump warm dry Mission air to Sea Cliff and exchange that with cool fog to chill the Mish.
    Seriously though I like your water taxi idea. It makes a lot of sense and would be a great way to commute from here. Not sure how many Sea Cliff residents commute to wage slave jobs downtown though.

  23. Posted by no_ vally

    @jlasf: one interesting trend just starting to take hold is the relocation of many investors/funds to the Presidio (in and around the Lucas buildings). Think typical PE/HF/VC firms with 10-15 people on average, where senior execs pull in big pay–the type necessary to afford Seacliff views. Obviously Sea Cliff is pretty close to the Presidio. But more importantly–because the Presidio is not incorporated in SF, no SF city taxes are levied on salaries. So for senior execs who could save millions a year in city taxes PLUS be very close to home, Sea Cliff starts to become much more compelling as an option now that the Presidio is becoming more of an investor hub.

  24. Posted by NoeLocal

    Sea Cliff use to be the outback. Nice views and I’m thinking how long does it take to get downtown? Still, if I had a driver….
    By the way, I couldn’t tell if the kitchen photo was before or after. Somebody loves white.

  25. Posted by anon94123

    I find it funny that so many think that a Sea Cliff mansion dweller needs to go to work every morning to a downtown office. I have known more than a couple of residents in Sea Cliff over the years and the neighborhood reminds me more of an older established courntry club in Rancho Mirage than a neighborhood for busy executives. Sea Cliff is for people who no longer have to work.

  26. Posted by eddy

    I find it funny that people think a 20 minute commute to downtown is some major burden. Where else in the city can you get a suburban neighborhood feel, direct (private) beach access and a close commute to downtown SF? SeaCliff isn’t going to be for everyone, but I find it pretty funny to hear people talking so badly about this place / area. I could easily see this home going for over $10M. I’m surprised it is only showing at sub 6.5k square feet.

  27. Posted by shza

    I agree with both anon94123 and eddy. I don’t think most people living in Sea cliff are daily W-2 commuters. And the one person I work with who does live there just takes one of the express buses — which are pretty quick.
    It’s funny that people cite easy freeway access for a commute all the way down the peninsula as a reason to pay a premium for Noe; but the much shorter commute from Sea Cliff to downtown SF is supposedly a fatal drawback (for the few who actually need to make that commute)?
    Personally, I like this place much better than a lot of the Pac Heights mansions that have been profiled here — though I agree the fog is a downer. On a sunny day, those water views from every room in the house are pretty unbeatable though.

  28. Posted by johnny

    eddy is wrong on this one too
    this place is worth approx 50% of what the ask is

  29. Posted by eddy

    Ok johnny, you’re at $6.5M (.5 * $13m). I guess we will find out when / if it closes escrow someday.

  30. Posted by johnny

    I love competition!!

  31. Posted by eddy

    Meanwhile, 496 Sea Cliff sells for 23% over asking. Sold Price: $7,200,000
    Someone got a sweet ocean front home and a most likely buildable lot that is also on the ocean. Surprised this doesn’t get a dedicated thread.

  32. Posted by johnny

    yet “130” still … … sits

  33. Posted by R

    still sits? it’s been on the market for a couple weeks.. do you think $13mm houses sell in that time period?

  34. Posted by johnny

    sometimes properties like this sell in a couple weeks. sometimes properties in this price range are “pre sold”; maybe this one was not pre sold, and if it hasn’t been, then it will likely “sit” for a very long time as long as it is offered at $13 million

  35. Posted by eddy

    Straight to In Escrow – Firm. No contingencies. I guess they didn’t need financing. Looks like we will have an answer to our little game of “the price is right”.

  36. Posted by johnny


  37. Posted by Denis

    Sold at asking.. 13 million..

  38. Posted by R

    Johnny nailed it! I mean, give or take $6.5 million.

  39. Posted by Eddy


  40. Posted by johnny

    scrub the contract and you’ll note the price was not close to $13 mil

  41. Posted by R

    Do tell Johnny. You obviously have insider knowledge. Was it $6.5 million like you predicted? Lol.

  42. Posted by johnny

    nah, I’m not going to tell!!

  43. Posted by Runononononanon

    Isn’t this the part where RejectforRemedial comes in with a bunch of time stamped quotes highlighting all of Johhnboy lies and misquotes and where jokster comes in and says that the buyer must be someone that shorted all of the social media stocks and elbumbadero chimes in with a pointless update saying that it should have sold for 60% less and then a bunch of anons come in here expand the comments to the umpteenth degree and then the site owner comes on here to post an update proclaiming the plugged in eddy won the contest and makes some connection about new money vs old school or some other snark disclaiming write off or maybe we just get an update: and no update post at all.

  44. Posted by ReadingForRealtors

    Use the Tax Luke
    Ill Score it when I see the Tax Info
    Unless jonny can Sell Me why a Guyd pay Tax on 13M$ if that Aint The Price

  45. Posted by eddy

    New School Silicon Valley Wealth And Golden Gate Views
    These things almost write themselves.

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