20 Mountain Spring Exterior
Purchased for $2,725,000 in April 2000, in 2004 the two-bathroom home at 20 Mountain Spring Avenue was extensively remodeled, a bathroom was added and its carport enclosed, upon which a spa now sits with Golden Gate Bridge tower views.
20 Mountain Spring Spa
In April 2007 the property returned to the market listed for $3,500,000 but was quickly withdrawn without a reported sale. The Clarendon Heights home with big windows and views is now back on the market and asking $2,995,000 in April 2012.
20 Mountain Spring Living
∙ Listing: 20 Mountain Spring Avenue (3/3) – $2,995,000 []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by shza

    views to the towers of the Golden Gate Bride.
    I actually read this three times wondering what this landmark was (a famous home? a rock formation? an unbknownst-to-me nickname for the Sutro tower) before realizing it was just a typo.

  2. Posted by momonthego

    go Malin! is it me or is the old gal hustling for listings these days?

  3. Posted by Mark F.

    Very nice.

  4. Posted by around1905

    shza, I think that ‘Golden Gate Bridge tower views’ means that up in Clarendon, you can’t see the entire bridge, just the towers and part of the suspension cabling. The deck of the bridge is blocked by a hill.
    [Editor’s Note: shza’s comment was actually referring a typo which has since been corrected (“bride” to “bridge”) and for which an editor has been flogged.]

  5. Posted by EH

    A lot of stairs, and I really hope that’s a framed print and not a TV over the great-room’s fireplace.

  6. Posted by sparky-b

    A lot of stairs to get to the yard, but within the house and entry there are not a bunch of stairs.

  7. Posted by Joshua

    Ha, the exact same image is on the “screen” in photos from three different angles. From the side-view, the surface doesn’t look glossy enough to be glass. Betting with 80%+ confidence, it’s not a TV. PTL.

  8. Posted by Reg

    This is such a great home!! I love the walk-in shower downstairs, the view spa, the patios, the hillside setting! Everything about this palce is spot on! …and no @ EH it is not a TV, it’s an amzingly vivid painting.

  9. Posted by Dan Clark

    I’m kind of intrigued by the place next door. How wide is that lot?

  10. Posted by SocketSite

    After 203 days on the market, the listing for 20 Mountain Spring Avenue has expired without a reported sale.

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