845 Montgomery PH1 Living

With a reported contract price of $2,656,000 versus a relisted price of $2,650,000, it’s yet another “over asking” sale for 845 Montgomery Penthouse #1.

While that’s $23,000 more than the seller paid for the condo in early 2008, which industry stats will reflect, a self-reported $900,000 worth of upgrades were invested after the purchase not including the just-completed roof deck, which industry stats will neglect.

845 Montgomery PH1 Roof Deck

One thought on “Over Asking and 2008! (Not Including a Million in Upgrades)”
  1. I’ve always wanted to see home price appreciation stats ex-ing out the huge amounts spent on renovations, expansions, etc.
    I know that when this topic has come up before, certain posters will say that money spent on renovations doesn’t matter– “appreciation” is appreciation . . . but I’m sure someone must have done this type of study . . .
    [Editor’s Note: They have, it’s called the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index.]

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