Santa Clara Football Stadium
With Santa Clara’s City Council having voted 5-1 to approve a $879 million contract to start construction on a new 49ers stadium this July, and over a billion dollars in funding already lined up, the San Francisco 49ers will likely kickoff their 2014 season in a new home down south, exercising an option to leave Candlestick a year before their lease expires in 2015.
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4 thoughts on “Santa Clara Approves 49ers Stadium Contract And Plans For 2014”
  1. The Niners are wasting no time constructing the new stadium in Santa Clara. The jobsite is in full swing with at least 100 builders on site.
    The sign at the contractor’s entrance states “Future home of the San Francisco 49ers”. So I guess we’re stepping closer to the MSA being the same as the city :-).

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