As the San Francisco 49ers move forward with plans for a new stadium in Santa Clara, and their current lease at Candlestick is set to expire at the end of the 2013 season, the team has agreed to the terms of a new lease which “would keep the team in San Francisco until the end of 2015 unless the 49ers exercise an option to leave a year early.”
Santa Clara Scores A Potential Stadium/Team As Measure J Passes [SocketSite]
Niners extend lease at Candlestick Park [Examiner]

2 thoughts on “Four More Years For The 49ers At Candlestick”
  1. I haven’t been out to the ‘Stick since the Giants moved to 3rd and King. I’ve heard it’s an absolute dump now.

  2. ^^^ Well, what you heard is spot on. It is an embarrassment. It has to be one of the worst facilities in all of sports.

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