49ers Santa Clara Stadium Rendering
Santa Clara City Council members approved a financial plan to move the 49ers south last night (or rather early this morning). Up next, a vote by the residents next spring.
Santa Clara approves 49ers stadium plan [San Franciso Examiner]
JustQuotes: Five Years From A 49ers Free San Francisco? [SocketSite]
San Francisco 49ers Proposal for a Football Stadium in Santa Clara []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Joe

    Seriously – the NFL is supposed to kick in almost half a billion dollars to move them south and build a new stadium? On what planet??

  2. Posted by anon

    Joe -correct about the NFL financing. Last February SFGate was reporting that the NFL fund for stadium construction was empty.

  3. Posted by curmudgeon

    bfd. wake me up when it’s over.

  4. Posted by Sb

    If this happens (and I kinda hope it does), will it raise or lower prices in that ginormous mess of condos on candlestick point?

  5. Posted by CameronRex

    I’d never in a million years want to live in the isolated, cold and windy wasteland that is Candlestick Point – even after its redone. BUT, I’d think this would raise the values. Who wants to live next to a stadium and parking lot that is only used 10 times a year?

  6. Posted by Rincon Hill Billy

    If Santa Clara isn’t as stupid as Fremont was…this will be a huge win for southbayers
    south bay will finally rid itself of the “Not Real Bay Area” tag

  7. Posted by zig

    “south bay will finally rid itself of the “Not Real Bay Area” tag”
    As a SF native I like as much as anyone to put down San Jose but I have never really heard the “not the real bay area tag) on the south bay and never thought this
    I mean it touches the bay more or less.
    Places like Fairfield sure

  8. Posted by Delancey

    Now all Santa Clara needs to secure their economic future is a monorail.

  9. Posted by Rillion

    Monorails rock! Well at least the one in Vegas does.

  10. Posted by Brutus

    I can’t imagine the voters of Santa Clara being stupid enough to toss money at this boondoggle, but I’ll be happy if they do. I’d much prefer the land at Hunters Point be used for something else besides a stadium used a handful of times a year. For the game or two that I might want to go to, I can make the 50 mile trip.

  11. Posted by Santa Clara County Resident

    I’m one of those weird people that actually likes that the South Bay is “not the real bay area” and is suburbia hell. But for those valley folks that do have any sort of inferiority complex to SF…how the hell would a football stadium fix anything? I’m sure the Jersey folks at the Meadowlands think their burb is so much better than Manhattan or Brooklyn now. Seriously, it’s just an empty lot and bowl for 356 days out of the year. How the heck does that improve the image of the city? Oh wait, there’s the occasional motocross and monster truck rallies…that’ll surely bring respect.
    Please oh please Yorks…please keep your stadium and your 500 new minimum wage employment opportunities in Hunters Point.
    Please oh please SC County and City…please use the money instead to build the Simpsons monorail. At least that’ll be better than the stadium or the white elephant we call the VTA Light Rail.

  12. Posted by Mark Belanger

    “What about us braindead slobs?”
    “You’ll all be given cushy jobs!”
    Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!

  13. Posted by Angelica Moynihan

    I thinks its a good idea to put a stadium there because it will create new jobs.But I hpoe they don’t change their name to the Santa Clara 49ers it dosen’t sound rite

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