4378 Cesar Chavez: Living
Built in 1975 channeling Mid-Century Modern flair, the 1,810 square foot single-family Noe Valley home at 4378 Cesar Chavez has hit the market listed for $1,100,000.
4378 Cesar Chavez: Kitchen
It looks to be perfectly livable but with room(s) to refine and views to boot.
4378 Cesar Chavez: View
∙ Listing: 4378 Cesar Chavez (2/2) 1,810 sqft – $1,100,000 []
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by [anon.ed]

    Not one facade shot?

  2. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    That brick fireplace is just screaming to be covered up with tacky marble tile veneer. C’mon, who uses brick anymore. I mean real brick, not the press-on fake veneer brick which seems to be totally acceptable.

  3. Posted by nancydrew99

    I love my 1920s building in the Inner Richmond, but sometimes I see a home like this and I get seriously, seriously envious of whoever buys it. So groovy.

  4. Posted by NoeNut

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have serious house envy when I see this place. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  5. Posted by Snark17

    Love it. Seems underpriced but I guess SF does not appreciate modernism like they do in LA.

  6. Posted by around1905

    This place is a good example of a certain category of SF house, examples of which appear for sale from time to time — places that are appropriate for a relatively well-off childless couple (or a couple with one older child). They typically have a great location, nice views, nice interiors, and a certain funkiness.
    These places all seem to be in the 900-1.9M range and they all seem to sell relatively quickly. Its nice to see that the market, at least in SF, isn’t comprised entirely of either ‘family-homes-with-lots-of-bedrooms-all-on-one-floor’ and ‘young-single-stylish-one-bedroom-fake-loft-condo’. ….

  7. Posted by lol

    That’s Redwood? All I see is plywood finishes. Whatever the wood used for the boards, it feels 70s tacky.

  8. Posted by erdoc

    Someone beat me to it. But Groovy!

  9. Posted by Mark F.

    I like it, but would do some rennovations.

  10. Posted by tsf

    This house gives me a woody.

  11. Posted by redseca2

    I would hit on it even though with the exception of two George Nelson chairs, I would have to replace every stick of furniture I own.

  12. Posted by NoeNut

    I agree with you @around1905. Perfect spot for childless couples looking for something with an interesting vibe. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this one goes for over asking. Sadly, there are fewer and fewer homes with any character left in Noe!

  13. Posted by marta

    @#1 – it didn’t have a garage built in front of it, its built down a hillside. It was always that way.

  14. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Wow I actually dig this place – kind of reminds me of a cabin in Tahoe. Is there anything to walk to around here (I don’t know the hood very well other than the main noe valley downtown).

  15. Posted by Jim

    lol, that’s redwood plywood, the frequent mid-century material of choice of Frank Lloyd Wright, Joe Eshrick, Bill Wurster, et al. There is a FLlW house in Orinda for sale right now, filled with redwood plywood.

  16. Posted by inside track

    Lots of Plywood- lots of upgrades needed-issues with plumbing- leaks in ceiling and all through bathroom- no real disclosures- probate sale- approach with caution!

  17. Posted by Jim

    The sign in the Herth window says “sale Pending” with “22 offers received” after two weekends of open houses. Will be interesting to see how much this beauty by architect Albert Lanier (wife of sculptor Ruth Asawa) has been bid up.

  18. Posted by [anon.ed]

    The sign in the Herth window says “sale Pending” with “22 offers received”
    That’s lame. Those guys missed the pricepoint and they were the first to admit it during showings.
    They wasted a lot of people’s time. Yet there they are, touting how badly they gauged the market. Great.

  19. Posted by 94114

    Sold for 1,540,000. 440,000 over asking. Crazy.

  20. Posted by sparky-b

    There’s no tech money, no Europeans, no Chinese, no new Mid-Market cafe’s and Oracle is in the tank. There must be a typo.

  21. Posted by lol

    Still not a fan of plywood (even redwood), but pretty incredible outcome.

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