870 Church Street #3 Living
Sporting walls of windows and some rather nice views, our first order of business for 870 Church Street #3: figuring out a way to switch the fireplace with a little less obtrusive (and much more efficient) wood burning stove.
870 Church Street #3 Fireplace
We’ve got a call in to George.
∙ Listing: 870 Church Street #3 (3/2) 1,600 sqft – $1,195,000 [inkswitch.com]

8 thoughts on “The Switch”
  1. Wow that is one clunky looking fireplace. The awkward combination of geometry looks terrible. I don’t have as much of an issue of obstructing the view since there’s plenty of other picture windows. That flatscreen TV obstructs the view almost as much. My beef is mainly the bad architecture on that fireplace.
    For replacement maybe the mod fireplace featured in the “coke dealer chic” pad would work better. But then you lose your wood burning chit forever.

  2. Gotta check for the robes and oils, formerly%whatever. Certainly wouldn’t want to lose your wood in that case, as Milkshake said.
    Looks smaller than 1600 sqft in the pictures.

  3. Maybe it works better in person, but having a sofa pattern that nearly matches the fireplace stone is a bit unfortunate.

  4. Good job on realistic pricing by the seller. Too low would have invited a bidding war and wasted a lot of people’s time. Too high and it would have sat on the market too long.

  5. It seems like there must have been a bidding war considering it went for 100 over asking. I’m amazed that someone paid that much for that place And yes, I am very familiar with that area.

  6. Perhaps there were multiple bidders though we’ll never really know. If there were then it was more of a tussle than a war. Or maybe I’m just still in a 2006 mindset.

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