3636 Washington
Constructed in 1910 having been “commissioned by Adolf Coors as a wedding gift to his daughter,” and last updated, restored and renovated in 1986 (note the period appropriate pool table below), the eight bedroom Presidio Heights house at 3636 Washington has hit the market “in need of work” (according to the listing) and seeking $15,000,000.
3636 Washington Living
3636 Washington Game Room
According to public records, 3636 Washington is 9,336 square feet and currently carries a tax basis of $2,253,891. And if we’re not mistaken, the house has long belonged to the Byers Family, as in Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers of which some might have heard.
∙ Listing: 3636 Washington (8/6.75) – $15,000,000 []

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  1. Posted by Jason

    I’m sorry, but it seems the realtor is doing a great disservice to this property with the “in need of work” comment. I have not personally seen the interior, but I certainly don’t see any major faults in the photos. Maybe appliances and carpet? (Which almost every buyer replaces an any pricepoint.)Is there something else we’re not seeing? I happen to LIVE for that pool table! Excluding it would be a deal breaker! Why is it assumed that buyers at the $10M+ tier would find this house unacceptable? They can’t all be 20 year-olds who work for google/facebook/apple. Can they?

  2. Posted by foodie

    are there real views from the first two floors if so i assume they would have been in the pictures

  3. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    I love the comment about the “period appropriate pool table”. Where do you insert the quarters?
    Like Jason I’m wondering what sort of work is needed here. The blurb in the website states that it had major systems upgrades in 1985 so that invisible stuff ought to be good to go. Perhaps they’re just hedging because there’s some wear and tear since the last remod that the new buyer will want to improve on?
    And why did the listing agent feel the need to both spell out numbers as well as use the digits in parenthesis? I noticed this seven (7) times in the “features” blurb but none (0) times elsewhere.

  4. Posted by eddy

    This is a pretty awesome home. A bit of a strange situation at the top end where homes like 2507 will sell for 9M+ apparently, and this home will sit at $15 despite being superior in every single way other than the remodel. The home on Vallejo and Jackson street; along with the tabooni project on Pacific proved that there are buyers willing to shell out BIG $$$ for homes like this one that are Done / Done, but no one is going to touch this place as a project at $15m. I think the best comp is 2420 Pacific with a slight premium for the current state / finish / quality of this house in comparison this one. The best strategy here would probably be to just hire an architect / designer and fund the the renovation. There is a big difference between the buyer of a $9M and a $15M home. And the pool is much much smaller. Hard to pick a price for this house as I think it will be a hard sell. But if I wanted to price it to move I’d say $9.9 to 12M. Anyone know the Sqft?
    [Editor’s Note: As noted above, and likely rather close, public records suggest 9,336 square feet.]

  5. Posted by House Gal

    We know the Pincus’s won’t be looking at this house. Heard and confirmed on the street last night that they are back in contract at 2701 Broadway. Seems that they have seen all of the big houses, with a host of different Realtors. (Loyalty be dammed)

  6. Posted by [anon.ed]

    “Seems that they have seen all of the big houses, with a host of different Realtors”
    Really? Wouldn’t have picked that guy for the time wasting sort.

  7. Posted by wrath

    loyalty to realtors? hahahahaha

  8. Posted by Denis

    I’m a little curious at the lack of pictures for 3636. Also, the “deck” in the back over the garage seems a little strange, but all SF luxury homes have their quirks. The lack of a true yard, especially in Presidio Heights might hurt. My first thought, though, was about the structural integrity of the home. It’s not a UMB, is it? If it needs structural/foundation work, I’d say it won’t sell any time soon. It makes me wonder what’s going on with 3730 Washington a few doors down. The renovation for that place has taken FOUR years after it sold in January of 08.
    Part of me thinks they should decorator showcase 3636 and hope it turns into another 2830 Pacific… Anyway, this is probably THE most desirable block in Presidio Heights, so even though other big fixers haven’t moved (2698, 2800 Pacific, for example), this does stand a fighting change. I’d say 11.5 – 12.5 could get it done.

  9. Posted by eddy

    This place must get some awesome TV reception.
    Seriously, look at the antenna on the roof!? Oddly missing from the listing picture as well. And it is still there as I drove by this morning to confirm.
    After giving this a second look I do think that the lack of a yard is a killer for this property. I suppose you could just put a massive garage over the entire rear area and put grass on top but a family is going to want a yard.

  10. Posted by tipster

    eddy, pretty much NONE of those big houses on that block has much, if any, of a yard.
    I’m thinking this is a trophy house for an empty nester?
    You gotta love these huge homes owned by the wealthy too cheap to pay for cable. That’s how they got wealthy in the first place.

  11. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    That’s not a TV antenna. It is the type used by ham radio operators.

  12. Posted by amused

    It’s a block and a half from the best playground in SF.
    I think they and the neighbors somehow, some way, manage to get past the yard issue.

  13. Posted by eddy

    -$3M. New Ask = $12M.
    Still feels high.

  14. Posted by eddy

    In Escrow

  15. Posted by eddy


  16. Posted by eddy

    Sold $10M. I guess it did feel to high at $12. 🙂
    I think had they priced this at 10 out of the gate they could have done as well or better. Considering where 2507 Pacific closed this seems like a steal.
    The comp on 2420 Pacific and this comp are very interesting. South side homes with perfect remodels are killing it; while giant north side mansions are getting creamed. That is, if you can call $10M a bad outcome. I had this one pegged as your next decorators showcase.

  17. Posted by Denis

    Cool.. I was off here, clearly. I think it just needed way too much work. If this had been in perfect condition, it clearly would’ve sold significantly higher. Someone paid only 700k less for that McMansiony townhouse (sorry, it is) on Jackson, whereas this is a true, detached mansion on THE premiere block in Presidio Heights.

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