Target’s application to open a 120,000 square foot store “offering clothing, personal accessories, household goods, including home furnishings, electronics and groceries” in the City Center development at the corner of Geary and Masonic was unanimously approved by Planning last night. The location could be open by Spring 2013.
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  1. Posted by SFer

    San Francisco approved something big-box and without any roadblocks?
    Okay, who spiked the punch at the planning commission party?
    Either way, glad to see Target moving into that monstrosity of a center. Hopefully they make it more inviting.

  2. Posted by khaki

    I’m glad for this. I hope they’ll have halfway decent groceries … I miss my Cala & Delano’s.

  3. Posted by neighbor

    Before I comment, I will say I am 100% in favor of Target moving to this location. I live fairly close, and I have kids — and finally we won’t need to drive outside the City to stock up on everything we need.
    But — what exactly are the criteria for this decision? Can anyone explain this? Why did it take Home Depot 10 years to get approval for the old Goodman’s Lumber Site (which is now Lowe’s).
    How did Costco get a whole block at 11th and Harrison?
    Yet, other retailers are turned away without a chance of approval?
    And, if we shop outside of SF, doesn’t that mean that SF is missing out on the sales tax dollars?

  4. Posted by justlooking

    The Costco in San Francisco was opened in 1993 – aka, 7+ years before district seats at the BoS. I don’t think Costco could get the store approved and built today.

  5. Posted by sfrenegade

    And, if we shop outside of SF, doesn’t that mean that SF is missing out on the sales tax dollars?
    Yes, that’s correct. Serramonte loves the Board of Stupidvisors.
    I don’t think Costco could get the store approved and built today.
    Probably not. The Board of Stupidvisors would create a Warehouse Store District that excludes warehouse stores and only allows overpriced crap to be sold in retrofitted “historic” former warehouses.

  6. Posted by Rillion

    Went to a movie there last night. Almost everything but the movie theater and a couple restaurants is boarded up for construction. Of course its not much different from before when it was just boarded up shops that had closed. It will be nice to see this building finally put to some productive use.

  7. Posted by rr

    My assessment is that part of it comes down to local business competition. A home depot does serve a unique purpose, but it also competes directly with local hardware stores, so they are harder to build.
    In Target’s case, they don’t compete directly with anyone except corner store bodegas, the many Walgreens in the city, and the already present discount big-boxes, like Ross/Marshalls. And I doubt the bodegas are going to shut down.
    Part of it also comes down to the perceived image of the company that wants to move in. No way would Wal-Mart have succeeded in building a store at either of the sites where a Target was approved.
    Finally, part of it also comes down to what is already at the location and in what condition it is in. The Metreon is an enormous waste of space save for the theater and is already a big-box type area. The center at Masonic is also dilapidated, little used, and a waste of space that has already been converted for big box use.

  8. Posted by guest

    This is at the corner of Geary and Masonic, in the Richmond District. not Metreon

  9. Posted by Rillion

    Doh, got my new target threads confused, apologies.

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