1581 Masonic: Living

As a plugged-in reader notes, the sale of the ex-Mayor’s ex-home at 1581 Masonic closed escrow today with a reported contract price $2,750,000. As plugged-in people know, the Newsoms purchased the property $2,738,000 in 2009.

That’s an official six days between being listed and having sold “at asking” according to industry stats. No official word on whether or not the buyer had already been lined up prior to being listed, however, as the property had been quietly marketed off the MLS.

8 thoughts on “1581 Masonic Moves Even Faster Than Our Ex-Mayor”
  1. Marin … 101 and Sir Francis Drake. But they love it. They love them some lack of infrastructure, dammit.

  2. Don’t bash Ross/Tiburon/Mill Valley until you have tried one of them. Happiness for some in the Bay Area includes not having to live in San Francisco. I have many friends who have left the city and were quite upset about it at the time, but would not now ever consider moving back.

  3. “They love them some lack of infrastructure, dammit.”
    No kidding. Plus being in a sterile, boring, unpopulated place. Oh, but there’s open space!

  4. what exactly is news here?
    1. that B.C. knew Gavin was moving a long long time ago
    2. that B.C. had been working a long long time to find a buyer
    3. that Gavin expects the family broker to make sure he loses virtually nothing on the trade.
    4. that a price was set to ensure a sale at or over asking?
    cmon little people.

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