1001 California #3: Master Bath

As we first wrote in August 2009 about the third floor at 1001 California, the Beaux Arts building over which Vincent Friia once presided:

It’s the first resale of the 3,640 square foot full-floor 1001 California #3 since its complete overhaul by architect Andrew Skurman and designer Suzanne Tucker in the late 90’s.

1001 California #3: Before and After Floor Plans

From its Architectural Digest “before and after” feature in 1999 with regard to its pre-overhauled state: “The apartment was trying to be French, but it wasn’t doing a very good job. The quality wasn’t there.” Not unlike many a “luxury” property about town.

1001 California #3: Dining

If you have to ask monthly HOA dues of $5,886 which doesn’t include the $325 a month for leased (but at least valet) parking nearby. And Friia if you have to ask that as well.

Listed for $7,250,000 at the time, the price was eventually reduced down to $6,300,000 before being withdrawn from the market without a sale in October 2009. 1001 California #3 is now back on the market in May 2011 listed for $5,995,000.

9 thoughts on “1001 California #3 Take Two: No Apples Just Envy”
  1. with the luxury, location, I’ll say it’ll sell in the range of 1200/sf. With the current square footage that’s in the low 5s upper 4s. Almost as expensive as Paris…

  2. I remember seeing another full-floor unit from this building featured in AD. The dining room had very distinctive curtains made of strands of gold beads (making it easy to spot from the street).

  3. I can see how they expanded the master bath, but I’m not sure I like the master bedroom butting up to the living room. I liked it better when it was further away from the common area.

  4. What a chickens*** website; you’re selling a home for 6MM and it looks like a project my daughter did in the fourth grade.

  5. “I’m not sure I like the master bedroom butting up to the living room”
    Chances are the master(s) of the house would be involved in any gathering going on in the living room. Plus, if “junior” insisted on having his noisy friends over, he has his own sitting room.
    On the other hand, the old location of the MB kept it far, far away from the hustle and bustle of staff preparing b’fast.

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