2523 Steiner: 4/20/11 (

Perhaps they’ve finally cried a color uncle over at 2523 Steiner as what appeared to have been a base coat last week is looking a little more temporarily permanent as the painters tape has been removed.

We’re now awaiting the requisite “ready for your own designer touches” verbiage to be added to the listing, or perhaps the neighbors’ collection for a Banksy styled midnight re-painting to reach critical mass.

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  1. Posted by color gal

    Well…I haven’t seen it in person in this latest incarnation, but from the photo above it isn’t one bit more appealing than it was before. In fact, I genuinely believe the original look with the wood was better. At least it had some small amount of integrity to it.

  2. Posted by [anon.ed]

    They should have went with white and called it a day.

  3. Posted by diemos

    If at first you don’t succeed. Try, try again.

  4. Posted by anon2.0

    People in Pacific Heights dont have personalities, this is totally out of place.

  5. Posted by midcentfan

    Some combination of black and white with a warm grey would have been just perfect.

  6. Posted by GH

    Wow, this looks absolutely horrible now, I actually miss the green

  7. Posted by Denis

    Revolting… What’s odd (ok odder) is there were some swatches of creams on the bottom that wouldn’t have looked so Pepto… Someone actually did a test of this color and went, “Oh that one!”

  8. Posted by Jimmy (No Longer Bitter)

    The paint was free. That’s the only conceivable explanation. Who could consistently choose such appalling colors? 0/2

  9. Posted by Jimmy (No Longer Bitter)

    On second thought, this is a nefarious plan by the seller’s agent to make the house SO unappealing that her relatives can buy it for pennies, paint it and flip it.

  10. Posted by eddy

    Salmon is the new black.

  11. Posted by Poor In PacHeights

    I like the pepto color….they are trying to cure your indegestion before you even get inside.

  12. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Well at at least from a distance it looks as if los Pintores did a quality job of applying the paint. Both times.
    Maybe we should start a betting pool on which color the facade will turn next. And that is a near certainty once this place sells. I’ll disqualify myself since I would have guessed roughly what midcentfan proposes.

  13. Posted by tipster

    What’s ridiculous is that you’re looking at about $150 worth of paint if you bought it in colors that would work.
    Instead, they get free recycled paint from Sunset Scavenger that has been mixed from several similar colors to produce a color no one would ever buy, save $150, have to pay to do it twice (probably about $400 in labor) and it still looks like crap. This is why I have a decorator. She saves me from these kinds of mistakes.
    Second row from the bottom, second from the left:

  14. Posted by sfrenegade

    Man, the sufferin’ succotash was so much better. There are better ways to stand out.

  15. Posted by noearch

    I told ya the green was nice. Next time listen to me.
    I’m the know.

  16. Posted by Mole Man

    It’s the pricing that needs to be repainted. At just over a million this place would practically glow in the dark.

  17. Posted by developer


  18. Posted by Mike R

    noearch, you just made me laugh so hard a coworker came over to check on me.
    Been lurking here for a long time.

  19. Posted by noearch

    Thanks Mike R: glad you had a laugh. The whole color kerfuffle is pretty funny.
    Feel free to jump in anytime. Stop lurking.

  20. Posted by bobo

    I’ll 2nd “…black around the windows!”
    And…rip out the shrubs.

  21. Posted by tc_sf

    “On second thought, this is a nefarious plan by the seller’s agent to make the house SO unappealing that her relatives can buy it for pennies, paint it and flip it.”
    Given that this is REO I don’t think it’s at all far fetched to wonder if this is some attempt at reverse staging. Will be interesting to see if the buyer has any connection to the listing agent.

  22. Posted by Lori

    Anyone else craving salmon for dinner tonight?
    Paint FAIL #2.
    I understand they were probably trying to “pull” color from the brick but this just isn’t working.

  23. Posted by jlasf

    Theory #1:
    They are playing an expectations game:
    Someone might think, “Oh, it can’t be THAT bad inside.”
    So, they have lowered the bar for the ridiculous interior.
    Theory #2:
    Anyone who actually has the bad taste to like the exterior
    might have the bad taste to like the interior.
    Theory #3:
    You can tell a book by its cover. This color accurately
    represents the poor planning and execution of the house inside.

  24. Posted by noearch

    Theory #4: there is not theory, period.
    They are not smart enough to think that way.

  25. Posted by LD

    paint the bricks already! drive around Pac Heights and the Marina for some tasteful color combinations. it’s not rocket science.

  26. Posted by anon

    noearch liked the green and yellow. clearly as a “trained architect”, his opinion matters much more than any of the other plebes on here. make him happy and paint it green and yellow, asap!!!

  27. Posted by noearch

    I still do like the orig green scheme.
    I’m sorry you think your opinion matters less here than mine. You may or may not be correct, but it’s worth considering. Need to work on your self esteem.
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  28. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Count me as another who preferred the prior sufferin’ succotash color scheme. I’d never choose that green/yellow Fresh&Easy scheme myself but it beats this current monochromatic slumlord style paint job.

  29. Posted by ncydr

    By golly, the psychs were right, color sure elicts a lot of emotion.
    Strike another count for the green over the pink eraser.

  30. Posted by [anon.ed]

    It’s not about the green and yellow versus the peptol. It’s about both sucking eggs. And yes, hopefully Noearch hires color consultants when it comes to painting exteriors.

  31. Posted by noearch

    I am a color consultant, fluj.
    what are u?

  32. Posted by [anon.ed]

    Someone who can call it like it should be called. No fl** here, dude. No love for yellow and green on brick either. Unless I am in Green Bay.

  33. Posted by [anon.ed]

    “I am a color consultant”
    No, you are not.

  34. Posted by anon

    Your problem is that you frequently post with the perspective that you have some special, magical qualities of taste. You don’t. Maybe it’s harsh, but even looking at your own site, you are a hack. There I said it. It’s true.
    This house was terrible in green and yellow, and it’s terrible today.
    This is not intended as a flame, but purely as feedback from a long-suffering reader of your posts on this site. I hope you join Fluj somewhere besides here.

  35. Posted by LD

    i wonder if noearch realizes he’s not the only architect here. nor the only color consultant.

  36. Posted by Rillion

    “you are a hack.”
    “This is not intended as a flame”
    Oh really, you certainly fooled me.

  37. Posted by noearch

    I absolutely am intrigued by the people here (not all of you) who get indignant or (fake) insulted by my comments and opinions here. I enjoy the other commentators who often support or back up some of my thoughts.
    All because I am an architect and say so. Perhaps there are other architects here, but to my knowledge, no one else is “out” as one here. I welcome their commentary as well.
    I wonder: Should I hide my profession? Should I not rely on my 27 years as a licensed architect with at least 13 years involved with residential design to help inform my opinions and criticisms?
    Should I pretend to be ignorant of codes and regulations? Should I pretend to not understand what constitutes a successful or unsuccessful residential remodel or new home? Hell NO!
    If those of you who are “long suffering” from my thoughts here, and think I’m a hack you might want to just go away.
    Or stay, contribute, and maybe learn something.
    My particular perspective is not based on “some magical qualities of taste..”. It’s simply based on experience and knowledge.

  38. Posted by Fishchum

    I, for one, appreciate your comments, Noearch – I wish a lot more “professionals” would post their feedback. SS is a great learning resource for me.
    I really enjoy it when something is “broken down” and explained in layman’s terms – I remember asking a bunch of posters why a particular kitchen didn’t “work” and really learned a lot about what makes an efficient workspace in a kitchen.

  39. Posted by noearch

    Thanks Fishchum for that support. Very much appreciated.
    I suppose if someone is “offended” by my often detailed commentary, then it’s their problem not mine.
    I talk the way I talk because of my profession. When one looks at a particular aspect of a house “in detail” and breaks down the pro and con of it, then a person really begins to see the true value..or lack of value.
    Again, thanks.

  40. Posted by Denis

    I don’t know if this is even the most recent thread for this mess, but they painted the trim around the windows AGAIN… How many layers is this now? I give it a month before it all sloughs off…
    We should take bets on what this sells for. I say 850k

  41. Posted by Denis

    Ok, the rest of it has been painted and it looks totally acceptable. Third time is the charm.. maybe?

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