350 Mission Atrium Rendering
Continued from the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on March 29 along with the appeal of the proposed Park Merced project which as a plugged-in reader reports was “punted to a closed session hearing on May 24,” tomorrow the appeal of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed 350-foot commercial tower at 350 Mission is back in front of San Francisco’s new Board of Supervisors for a telling (how they) vote.
Also on tomorrow’s Board agenda, a vote on the Mission District Streetscape Plan which the Land Use Committee recommends passing.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jamie

    Who appealed the 350 Mission EIR? A neighboring commercial building owner, I suppose. Personally, I really like this design, especially the POPOS where the front can be opened up a la 101 Second St.
    [Editor’s Note: Good guess, the owners of 50 Beale Street sponsored the appeal. And so do we (with respect to the design).]

  2. Posted by Eric in SF

    I imagine the landlord for 50 Beale is not happy at losing rent premiums for a lot of window office square footage.
    Can anyone in commercial RE let us know if a material reduction in rental rates are due when a building gains a high rise neighbor and loses views?

  3. Posted by Morgan

    So does the image above show the latest art scheme for the lobby? I was intrigued by the multi media ceiling panels they showed in the past that had koi fish swimming from one panel to the next.

  4. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Is this the plan w/ the moving benches?
    [Editor’s Note: Yes.]

  5. Posted by BM

    The tower looks nice, but what a sterile lobby. It meets the street horribly.

  6. Posted by Louis

    and the owner of 50 Beale would be who exactly……??
    so much for the usually observed rule of major project owners not opposing the projects of others.. a la what goes around comes back around.. and then its worse for everyone.
    and there already was an oppositional sector no matter what…
    so who was this?

  7. Posted by James

    funny how the “urban living room” is talked up like an exciting new innovation. We’ve finally caught up to the Seagram Building!

  8. Posted by rubber_chicken

    This is a great project – awesome lobby, and a clever twist on the standard glass curtain wall above.
    And it is novel and exciting: that a developer would give up two rentable office floors and give back to the public realm this way. For a reality check, look at the design for 222 Second street.

  9. Posted by hiitsme

    It was and sitll is I think the Bechtel Company

  10. Posted by sore arm

    50 Beale is owned by Broadway. Shorenstein via Tom Hart also showed up at the Commission to oppose the project. Some dirty pool going on for sure.

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