Parkmerced Proposed Garden

In addition to 5,679 net new residences over the next two to three decades, the proposed redevelopment plan for Parkmerced includes the “the addition of new neighborhood serving retail and office space, new and re-configured public open spaces including neighborhood parks, pedestrian and bike paths, athletic fields, a new organic farm, and community gardens, overall transportation improvements, ecological hydrology improvements, and provision of renewable energy and water infrastructure.”

The proposed new neighborhood core [concentrated on Crespi Drive, near the northeast part of the site and the light-rail line] would be located within walking distance of all the residences within Parkmerced.

Small neighborhood-serving retail establishments would be constructed outside of the neighborhood core, in close proximity to residential units throughout the site. A new elementary school (to replace an existing one on-site) and daycare facility, fitness center, and new open space uses including athletic fields, walking and biking paths, a new organic farm, and community gardens would also be provided on the Project Site.

Infrastructure improvements would include the installation of renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and photovoltaic cells.

The proposed Project would provide 68 acres of open space in a network of publicly accessible neighborhood parks, athletic fields, public plazas, greenways and an organic farm….In addition to these 68 acres of open space, the Project would provide significant additional open space in the form of private or semi-private open space areas such as outdoor courtyards, roof decks, and balconies.

The transportation system modifications proposed as part of the Parkmerced Development Project, as described in the Transportation Plan, would include rerouting the existing MUNI Metro M Ocean View line from 19th Avenue through the development, new and re-designed public streets, and modifications to intersections and streets around the perimeter of the site.

Off-street parking for the residential units will primarily, but not exclusively be in underground garages, and will be concentrated on the west side of the site (while units are concentrated toward the eastern half) to discourage casual usage.

This afternoon the Planning Commission will host an informational hearing and overview of the Parkmerced Project with a particular focus on the aforementioned urban design, open space, and sustainability.

12 thoughts on “Parkmerced’s Proposed Urban Design, Open Space, And Sustainability”
  1. “Infrastructure improvements would include the installation of renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and photovoltaic cells.”
    While I like the idea of renewable energy, I wish this wasn’t the marquee improvement. Their sustainability plan anticipates that these renewables will only provide 10% of the site’s needs.
    There are other sustainabe energy measures listed in the plan which will have a far bigger impact than wind and solar energy production. But insulation and separate metering aren’t as showy and sexy as tall windmills.
    Here’s another dour unsexy addition they should consider : provide built-in clotheslines.

  2. Combined with having small neighborhood retail accessible to the units and a muni extension, I love the idea of having parking on site but not in the same building. It is a brilliant way of discouraging the “drive to the corner for a quart of milk” behavior, while keeping cars very available for real needs like commuting and other longer trips. Not anti car or pro car…just good planning.

  3. Oh yes of course, acres of community garden! I see that happening.
    And absolutely the green improvements are going to be top-billed: they’re the least-measurable.

  4. where are the blankets, sleeping bags, shopping carts and knife-wielding weed-smoking beer-guzzling youth? at least make the rendering look like a san francisco public space.

  5. andyc, the sit/lie ban, a.k.a. Proposition L won, so its just a matter of time before all the untidy, aggressive pan handling, knife-wielding, weed-smoking, beer-guzzling youth will no longer be visible. That’ll certainly happen before Parkmerced is built out as proposed.

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