This two-bedroom, two-bath Baycrest Towers condo with one car parking was purchased February 2009 for $530,000 in need of “major cosmetic upgrades.”
201 Harrison #210 Before
Two years and new appliances, bathroom fixtures, and flooring later, 201 Harrison #210 has returned to the market cosmetically renovated and listed for $499,000.
201 Harrison #210 Kitchen After
∙ Listing: 201 Harrison #210 (2/2) 784 sqft – $499,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by HappyRenter

    Seems like a pretty efficient work triangle, but can you open the refrigerator without being crushed against the stove?

  2. Posted by sf builder

    Question — can someone tell me how you can put a dishwasher directly under a sink? I stared at this for a while and I still don’t get it. Readers? Please explain?
    I’ve installed many kitchens in my work, and every dishwasher I’ve seen takes up all the space under the counter…
    Is there a new type I don’t know about?

  3. Posted by sf builder

    SS readers, please disregard my question — just did some research and found there are dishwashers available that have a full size front, but are shorter underneath to accommodate the sink.
    Still…looks funny, but I guess in a tight space it is a good solution.

  4. Posted by EH

    Seems perfect for a recent graduate with too much money.

  5. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Work triangle ? More like a work point.

  6. Posted by A.T.

    When we were in grad school, my wife and I lived in a place with a kitchen just about this size and layout. I loved it because one could do everything needed to put together a nice meal without taking a single step – just needed to pivot. And this one seems to have plenty of storage space.
    Big kitchens are great for hanging out and talking. But they are completely unnecessary for actually cooking, even for a group.

  7. Posted by noearch

    There are some dishwashers on the market made to install under a sink. The sink bowl is shallower and the dishwasher is smaller inside.
    I’m not sure of the brands, but maybe if you do a search you may come up with the manuf.

  8. Posted by noearch

    Ah…….like REAL easy to find. I just searched for “under sink dishwashers”
    GE makes some.
    ever hear of a search engine?

  9. Posted by sunnyvalesteve

    Seems like a decent place. Knock the price down a bit and it could make a good rental property.

  10. Posted by Lori

    I am so unbelievably underwhelmed with this property. I couldn’t function in that kitchen. But I guess I am past the hipster age range, LOL.
    When are realtors going to learn to take pictures of bathrooms with the toilet seats DOWN? Grosses me out every time.
    [Editor’s Note: We couldn’t agree more with regard to bathroom photos and hence our lack of “after” image for the bathroom above.]

  11. Posted by Austin

    I remember coming to this building (not the unit) when I was ‘open housing’ last year. If I remember correctly, the building as a whole is very 80s-looking with a lot of brass fixtures. There may have even been a Nagel print in the gym area. =)
    784 for a 2 bedroom seems really tiny!

  12. Posted by noearch

    omg. I still have a Nagel print around..and it’s signed.
    I’m so dated.

  13. Posted by hmmm

    Would it kill the owner to put the toilet seat down before taking the listing photos?

  14. Posted by marko1332

    I’m Speechless!

  15. Posted by A.T.

    “I still have a Nagel print around..and it’s signed.”
    noearch, I never would have pegged you as an ’80s frat boy!

  16. Posted by Poor in PacHeights

    For that price…I’d knock out the wall behind the TV and make it a 1 bd and make the living space more Livable. I’m assuming that wall separates the living area and the 2nd “bedroom” (The bedroom with the red single bed that the door barely clears when opened.) And I’m going to guess the owner and RE agent are dudes…thus the tiolet seat being up. 🙂

  17. Posted by sfrenegade

    “just did some research and found there are dishwashers available that have a full size front, but are shorter underneath to accommodate the sink.”
    That’s correct. The only problem with these dishwashers is that sometimes they won’t even fit dinner plates, and larger objects are obviously out of the question. Hopefully the double-sink arrangement allows a disposal.

  18. Posted by noearch

    see , you don’t know much about me at all.:)
    But I never thought of Nagel as “frat boy” art.
    Is it?

  19. Posted by Ivan

    A 2bedroom at 784sq ft? I’m usually not in favor of knocking a bedroom wall, but it might make sense for this unit.

  20. Posted by katebear

    California High-Speed Rail
    Bay Bridge
    Transit Terminal
    A while back, I was considering purchasing one of the units in the BayCrest. The location is excellent if you work in San Francisco downtown and the price is not too ridiculous for a 2bd/ba in the city. However, there are too many uncertainties that change my mind at the end. #1. I was very concern with the California High-Speed Rail project. The BayCrest will be one of the buildings that needed to be demolished if this project happens in the future. #2. The current Transit Terminal projects, who knows what & where the bus route will be. #3. The Bay Bridge, when you open up the window for some air, it gets pretty noisy. Although the building itself is very clean and well maintained, my number one priority is to have a home where I can get my beauty sleep quietly.
    Anyone has comment on the construction & projects around the area?
    [Editor’s Note: Three pieces you should definitely read: HSR: Beale Street Alternative Rejected, Transbay Recomended, 430 Main/429 Beale Development Site Back On The Market, and Freeway Pollution: Conjecture Or Consideration?]

  21. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    Note, just as a follow-up to the other thread on condo HOA amounts, that the HOA is $566.36 for a 1991 ft² unit in a high-rise building with a “Spa/Hot Tub” in the common area and a gym. Pretty reasonable.

  22. Posted by sfrenegade

    “Anyone has comment on the construction & projects around the area? ”
    Yes, Trans-Beale Terminal is definitely not happening. The route will be on 2nd Street to Transbay as currently being built with the trainbox in the basement. End of story.

  23. Posted by EH

    “common area hot tub” simply gives me the heebie jeebies. can you get a break on the HOAs if you promise never to use it?

  24. Posted by Fishchum

    A rugby buddy of mine used to live at Baycrest. We used to have some great post-match hot tub sessions in that common area hot tub. The look on resident’s faces as they walked in and saw about 5 rugby players in the hot tub all at once was priceless.

  25. Posted by Willow

    I have a friend who lives at Baycrest. It’s not a bad building although it does look somewhat dated. His unit is on a lower floor and fairly dark so you do feel like you’re living in a cave. The Bay Bridge noise is also definitely substantial with the windows opened.
    The 2009 purchase price/date doesn’t make sense…

  26. Posted by geemail

    Status: Pending?

  27. Posted by John

    I looked at a rental here in ’95 and the building looked dated at that time. Home much longer until it comes back in style? But, perhaps it’s just a bad example of 80’s design and never will. Seemed to be a bit pretentious looking.
    The cosmetic updates to this apartment look particularly cheap. Would have been better to leave it as it was.
    My association for Nagel was Duran Duran and Playboy.

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